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  1. Hey guys
    To make a short story I had a really bad trip from smoking pot. It was 2 weeks ago, i took 1 gram and 2 minutes later started to hear loud noises like a piece of metal sheet being hammered.  My heart rate was about 160 bpm. I had a really intense panic attack. It was really intense, I wasent able to talk correctly and i called the ambulance they sent me to the hospital and 5 hours later everything was gone. Please can someone tell me what kind of weed was that or if it was laced with something.

  2. 1 gram is a lot of weed for a beginner. ive been smoking for 10 years or so and it still takes me like 3 sessions to smoke a gram.
  3. Why would you smoke an entire gram? What did you think was going to happen? No it wasn't laced you smoked too much and you weren't prepared to calm yourself down enough that you had a panic attack. Take a hit or two and wait.
  4. This question gets asked a lot. If marijuana is too intense an experience for you, perhaps you shouldn't attempt smoking it. My guess is that some people can handle smoking cannabis and some people can not. I can't handle hard liquor, it makes me throw up and when I'm not throwing up I'm an angry fun to be around when extremely intoxicated.
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    I smoked a gram of og kush my first time smoking and i didn't even get high lol
  6. You did something wrong

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  7. its pretty common for new smokers to not get high their first couple times
  8. I'm high now!
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    Like everyone else said, you just got too high. Chances are, if it was laced, you wouldn't need to ask if it was laced. It's humbling to realize you just couldn't hang, but it happens to the best of us.
    Intoxicants are funny because one day you can smoke a shit ton, then another day, you can smoke the same amount and your body just reacts differently. Just cool it, be thankful you haven't built up an insane tolerance, and smoke accordingly. There is literally no reason to torch that much weed that quickly. It's just wasteful and has the potential to do exactly what it did to you.

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  10. Moderation is the key for all drug usage.
    You smoked weed and five hours later it ended? REALLY?? Thats fucking crazy considering thats about how long weed ussually lasts.
  12. Mate you can't have a bad "trip" off weed. You were uncomfortable from being high and self induced panic which is unfortunate however you should try smoking less next time and see how you feel. Weed isn't for everyone my friend, I hope your next experience is a better one.

    But nothing's ever perfect haven't you realized this yet? Earth turns on a tilted axis just doing the best it can.
  13. I disagree. Weed is a psychedelic, it's not as powerful, but a psychedelic none the less. Bad trips are much more uncommon with weed because of the potency. But they still can happen. Even a self induced one is still a bad trip. One could easily think of negative thoughts on other psychedelics and self induce a bad trip. Weed is no different.

    Usually it happens with superficial people imo. Their insecurities rise up and they can't bury them because they're high. Then they panic and so forth.
    I stopped reading right there. Who says that?
  15. I took 1 gram before. 

    Ended up throwing my dog out the window, assaulting my girlfriend, and stabbing a neighbor with a fork. 
    Don't take pot
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    welcome to the wonderful world of a "Green Out". you smoked to much bro and experienced the only thing a cannabis overdose will do.  people who have never smoked before will get this from 2-3 good hits much less an entire gram.
         keep in mind pretty much any drug is more expensive than the pot you are smoking. not to mention anyone who wants a repeat customer isn't going to drug them. this situation "could" possibly happen but is extremely unlikely to happen. also any smoke able drug that would make you hallucinate isn't going to last as long as a cannabis high... the long lasting ones are all through eatable.  
    I hate to drop names and I hope this is okay but id like to give some examples and I don't recommend anyone do any of this because its all bullshit. salvia and dmt are smoke able but only last 5-15minutes tops. pcp you would of noticed the herb being very wet. that's why they say in that movie didn't know you like to get wet.  any of those nasty powdery shits wouldn't of lasted so long or wouldn't of made you freak out.
    so to end it I just want to say not every one can smoke like wiz kalifa. that dude has been smoking for years and I guarantee he didn't start that way. next time If you want to try it just start slow. one good hit and wait and see, if anyone pressures you tell them to stfu.
         I have been smoking cannabis since I was 13. to this day an entire gram at once would be a little much.
  17. You were just really high.....for you. Slow down rook.
    Anyone who says you can get a bad trip from grass has no idea what a bad trip really is.
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    your story reminds me of this guy (skip to 1:32). lol. seriously tho. you probably just smoked too much. take it easy next time.

  19. The truth is, you are a lightweight and you smoked an entire gram to the dome in 1 sesh? Damn, I think you would have to send me to the hospital too if i did that. And i'm a veteran smoker!
  20. the fuck... 160 bpm?  you should not be smoking.

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