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bad trip, panic attack while high? Idk what happened

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zura, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. last night i remember going out around 7ish pm to tokea up at the park. I get to the park and its dark and slightly drizzling, but stops. I light it up and im just standing there smoking. About half way through i take one BIG puff and hold it, then exhale and cough. That hit really got me. I finished what was left and walk moderately back to my place. As i walk i can already feel it hitting me. Im at the bottom of my street when i look down and my legs are going so fast, my breathing has increased and i feel like im sprinting but walking. And the only thought coming to me is the word WALKING. i get to the front door, buzz in and take the stairs. Now, i try to go at a pace that would look normal on the outside (there are cameras in the building, and i felt like they were watching me) as i feel like im going faster in my head, i tell my body to go slower so it feels like i am moving at a normal pace. But as i get to the first floor i start running up the stairs, and i keep running even tho the colours of the floors are confusing i get to my floor, go down a few hallways and unlock my room and go inside.

    NOW THIS IS WHERE SHIT GETS FUCKED. Im pacing. Basic words are popping into my head: BREATHING, FAT, JEALOUSY, EMBARRASMENT. But why these words, i dont know. Somehow ive managed to undress and made it into bed. Im thinking this could all be a dream but it feels very strange like its real, but im glitching. TIME. Im thinking of the word time now and how its moving in two directions. As im lying in my bed, i can still hear noises and music. Then people in my life start to come into my mind thats how i know this is somewhat real. Anyway, TIME. I convincemyself the only way i can come out of this is by focussing on what the real time is (or what reality is). The noises im hearing? Or what my eyes are seeing. Im not hallucinating or anything, i guess the closest i could describe it is like a flip book, you know where you draw a person moving progressivley on each paper and when you flip through it, you can see what it really looks like. Well thats what i was experiancing. I saw the "papers flipping" , like a glitch. I felt like i was slower but what i was hearing was reality. And this isnt even the end of it, it was a very detailed night where i thought i would die, where i wanted to die, where fears and anxieties heightened. But i still dont know for sure what happened. Let me know if you want me to go into detail. Does anyone know if it could have been a panic or anxiety attack or something in the weed or i was just really high?

    ps: in the joint was a bit of tobacco, never had p/a attacks, hardly ever smoke weed.
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  2. Your just very high. I get over paranoid when I'm high. The other night I was smoking and blowing outta my window at night (I couldn't see anything but black out my window) During the second bowl I got so terrified of who or what could be in my backyard watching me through my window that i had to shut my window & blinds & finish the bowl in bed. The shit gets to ya lol

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  3. So there was something in the weed?

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  4. The worst is when your high AF smoking in your garden when its pitch black at stupid o clock in the morning and you hear random ass noises :confused_2:
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  5. Your just tripping hard, simply smoke less if you can't handle your shit. But yeah it happens to as all time to time. You just have to focus on one thing food, you will loose all other thoughts. Lastly keep talking to your self , as insane as it sounds but it really does help. Just let your self know everything's going to be okay.

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  6. No? Just weed buddy lol it makes u paranoid

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  7. Dude, I had exactly this not long ago! It’s nothing to worry about. It’s where the smoke has increased your heart rate to a point where you’ve noticed, then you start tripping because your heart rate is high which then of course makes it beat out of your chest because you’re so worried sending you into a panic attack. You just have to know it’s because your high and not because you’re having some mental heart attack because that only makes it worse.
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  8. I would have laughed my ass off! But you did not laugh. Therefore, you should not smoke it.
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  10. [​IMG]




    Scared from a little weed ?? Damn people you have no idea.
    Stay away from the devils lettuce.
    Now if you'd taken one of my hash oil caps you'd have a reason to be tripping that hard.
    Sigh.. Newbees need to learn to handle their drugs.
    Mommy we got to high !!!
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  11. Sounds like a panic attack. When it happens to me (Happens a few times a month when I smoke too much) Just drink as much water as you can. Always helps

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  12. I had a panic attack from smoking a bong of keif i tried to drink water it didn't help, i ended up calling 111 my symptoms was the same as a heart attack i had the ambulance out, turned out i have a heart murmor aka a hole in your heart after having many tests done, I've only reacted once like that to weed after I'd mowed the lawn & hadn't had anything to eat, i also have a gerd disorder to do with stomach acid it gives me chest pains everyday so that doesn't help lol
  13. Not a lot of advice can be given imo. You just gotta know what your mindset's like and how weed makes you react and from that figure out a formula that allows the two of you to have a good time. That could range from not smoking at all in the most extreme of cases to changing how much you smoke, when you do, how you do, why you do, where you do, etc.

    There's no magic fix to make weed be super enjoyable for you 100% of the time. You know yourself and the solution is only one you can find and it won't be the same for everyone.
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  14. Similar thing happened to me with voices sometimes. I'm not crazy but voices in my head (my thoughts) become REALLY vivid when I'm high. I'll trick myself into thinking about something scary whilst trying to not think about something scary. And I'd hear likr 3 different voices in my head going THERE IS SOMEONE BEHIND YOU. THERE IS SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE. SOMEONES GOING TO HURT YOU. But I know it's me, but the voices are so real. Again it's not me being crazy, it's like saying "okay don't think of a pink elephant" and then you think of one. But for me it's "Hey imagine if you heard voices, oh fuck noww I hear them" but aslong as I try hard enough not to think about it it goes away, cos it's just my own thoughts.

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  15. oh my god thank god someone can relate, you pretty much summed it up. fuck, panic attacks are scary shit
  16. 1
    111... are you from NZ?
  17. Nah dude I'm from the UK
  18. You flooded your brain and body with too much THC too quickly and this is what happens. Try using less next time. Less is better with cannabis.

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