Bad trip on weed? Please read

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    Hey everyone I experianced something me nor any of my friends had ever seen befor. Anyway what happened was I picked up a bag of some dank nuggets and my friend brought his roor bong over (Its amazing) We smoked of course and we were all chillinout and my friend starts to freak out and he was like " we need to do something!"" So I was like alright lets smoke a butt we went out side had a cigarette talked about shit then he really started freaking we went inside and he was like "Ahhhh my jaws shutting" (It was open befor he even said anything) he'd stick his fingers in his mouth and try to pry it open this seriously looked like an acid or mushroom trip he was all wide eyed shaking and freaking out. We all tryed to tell him it was all in his head and to chill out but he wouldnt or couldnt talk He couldnt speak for more then 10seconds befor forgetting what he was talking about this went on for about 2 or 3 hours till he finnaly came down when ever we mentioned anything it would start happening (He only took a hit off a bowl and two bong rips)
    Anyone know what could have happend or seen anything like it?
  2. have you ever smoked with him before? he could be faking i mean he only tok what three hits, and if he wasnt faking then " pass that shit" for real
  3. I smoke with him all the fuckin time he did it once befor off the same bong but it wasent that crazy
  4. dude im sorry but three hits cummon maybe hes faking it, is that a possibility or are you sure hes not ?

    it has to be something with him if you and your other freinds were fine
  5. He wasent faking he freaked out man no reason why he would want to be known for that kind of thing
  6. thats werid, maybe theres something wrong with him and he just reacts to it really werid? lets see what other people think though
  7. Is he on any meds?
  8. ^The medication, if he's on any could probably have something to do with that.

    I've never had anything like that happen to me. However I do remember one time, a really long time ago when I was starting out, I smoked a lot in one sitting. I remember I got a really bad headache, I just wanted to close my eyes. The people I was with who weren't the closest of friends were jibber jabbering and I just wanted them to shut up. I kind of curled up and closed my eyes hoping it would pass and started thinking about weird things like death and whatnot. Deep topics that when you think too deeply about can start to get to you. I ended up laying down feeling sick.

    I don't know what was up with that, it only happened that time and like i said it was about 4 or 5 years ago.
  9. theres some rare deises that affects people when they smoke reefer it's like cannaphycosis or something like that. maybe thats whats wrong with him.
  10. maybe he's just a jerkoff.
  11. 1. faking
    2. were to stupied to notice it as salivia x40
    3. Meds
    4. that rare disease
  12. Hes not faking
    Hes on no meds
    I'd been hanging out with him all day I know he didnt take anything else
    And I've smoked salivia and I've smoked for waaay to long to even come close to mistaking it for salivia
  13. He probably just has some severe emotional issues that seem to be released when he is high ocassionally. My advice is smoke more just you and him and try to get him to the place, and see if he cant work out his skeletons. (only if hes willing and wants to) GL to you!

  14. well you just don't TRIP out on weed like that..

    When I see people act funny it's because they don't smoke alot and they are just giving in to the fun, exaggerating if you will.

  15. he just one of those people weed isnt for..If you cant smoke bud, sit back n chill you shouldnt be smokin weed.
  16. Although ive had my highs were im just not comfortable sitting still...use to happen alot when i first starting smoking..never seem to get that anymore.
  17. You can get a bad trip all the paranoia sets in and you stark to freak out somtimes you make up stories in your head and belive them and shit off some really good haze or somthin
  18. sounds like someone is a complete newbie to smoking, maybe he'd never had bud that good before.. my friend used to just completly freak out the first few times I got him really really stoned, he wouldn't sit down because he thought my sofa was eating his ass :/
  19. yeah did u perhaps get this bud both times it happened to him from a dealer you dont usualy buy off????

    because it could be the certain weed thats doing it....
  20. Alright check it i'll give you the lay out Me and this kid have smoked DANK fuckin weed out of bombers and Blunts. Normally its only me and him or me him and my gf that smoke or me and his bro but this time two of our other friends where there but I mean this weed made my grinder stick together and I had to litteraly hit the shit a few times to open it it was all around dank smelly good nugget that probably shouldnthave been ripped out of a roor bong by him anyway I'm still interested in hearingwhat people think

    You can get off the faking subject though because you had to be there I guess and ifyou were you'd understand a little better

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