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Bad trip on weed last night

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flonkas, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Alright so I usually only smoke like 2 bowls max. I guess my tolerance is on the low side. But I decided to smoke a whole blunt last night. I used a cherry zigzag with about .7 chocolope dank. Its something like a 90% sativa. I had bloodshot red eyes about 3 minutes in. I started to feel nauseated and it only got worse over time. It felt like being really seasick. I vomited what looked like phlegm. It was just a bad situation. I guess I just smoked more then I could handle?

    My question is, could this be avoided by smoking an indica rather then sativa? Any other tips on how to avoid this would be appreciated. Of course I know not to smoke as much.
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    Don't blame the weed, the grower probably just didn't flush/cure it right. Or the simple fact that you smoked it in a harsh ass tobacco blunt wrap. tobacco tends to make you feel nauseous and it irritates your throat, hence why you vomited, and felt seasick. No, the real way to avoid this affect is TO NOT MIX GODS GIFT WITH SHITTY ASS DISGUSTING TOBACCO. Putting weed in cigar wraps basically started in the ghetto, because the only weed that is really available is crappy dirt weed. The strong tobacco smoke masked the crappy dirt weed taste. This only became popular because hip hop artists brought it to the spotlight. Why on earth you would want to mix beautiful fragrant dispensary weed with mass, as cheaply as possible produced tobacco is beyond me.
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    Okay, I did not even know tobacco does that to you, I have never smoked a cigarette so....
    Thanks for the advice but calm your ass down
  4. It was either the tobacco in the blunt that messed with your stomach, happens to me when i smoke tobacco, or you just smoked over your tolerance and "greened out" its not a big deal just know your limits and stay high:smoke:
  5. Code:

    I am calm, i just used caps lock to emphasize my point :smoke:

  6. Hey 'badtrips' isnt exactly what I would call that but I know what you're talking about it has happenened to me to reach that state a couple of times. Its always just because I was terribly high so the easiest way to avoid this is simply to smoke only the amount you know you can handle. If you wanna get higher after smoke a little more until you reach the desired high. Another way to avoid it (what I do) is to 'control' your high. Being someone who likes to get f***ing high I try not to badtrip or feel bad jsut try to cope with that state.Go lie down put some music and jsut appreciate the trip to me its one of the best feelings you can get lol :rolleyes:
  7. BaconDan does have a point, bud tastes much fresher in a glass piece than in blunt. That's just my opinion, though.

    For how many "bad trips" I've had, I'm surprised I still love MJ as much as I do. I'm one of those people who are constantly thinking and worrying, I've ruined many a high by worrying about things rather than going with the flow. If you feel like you're too high, just empty your mind, breathe in, and breathe out. Then just kick back and relax. Works every time :)
  8. haha it happens . i outdid myself at my buddys 21st this past weekend, fainted in his kitchen. i think it was the 2 red bulls + the pacificos i drank mixed with smoking as much weed as i did.. just made my body overdo itself.
    i was completely paralyzed as my friends were carrying me up stairs to a bed.. it was strange, didnt black out at all (I usually do when ive fainted in the past), just lost ALL energy in me to the point where all i could move was my eyes..lasted for a minute, then i started comin to. i didnt take into consideration the t-break i had the previous week :rolleyes: ha.. made for a crazy night..

    Edit: the morning after, i treated myself to a nice wake n bake :) i blame the red bull.
  9. I've been close to throwing up when smoking blunts before, never with pipes/bongs/papers. The tobacco-ish taste is nasty as hell

  10. I've thrown up many times when I was stuck smoking from a pipe and trying to get a hit as big as I could lol. I've also thrown up quite a few times after massive bong rips but never on joint/ blunts they're jsut too clever haha..

    I must say the only times I was happy after puking was when MJ caused it cause I just know I'll be completely ripped after :hello:
  11. Lol i threw up once while smoking a black n mild only without the black n mild, but packed with weed. my friend had his own so we each had one blunt. we were walking down the street and i was eating some orange candy he bought (nasty as fuck but kept eating it lol) and suddenly i stop inside this construction site and we went into the half made house. I end up throwing up...but blunt still in hand. once I was done spitting and coughing I went back to my blunt. felt better afterwards and finishing the blunt :cool:
  12. People don't normally vomit phlegm....maybe you are sick? Plus bluntwraps have tobacco in them which could've made you dizzy/nauseous
  13. It was prolly from the wrap and the intense amount of cannabis.
    Know your limits man, the only one responsible for this is you.
  14. Maybe your sick man cause you were spitting up Phlem lmao

  15. whoa whoa whoa...hold the phone.

    zigzag makes blunts?
  16. [ame=""]YouTube - Cop Eats Pot Brownies Calls 911 (Full)[/ame]
  17. Since everyones cursing the blunt, what type of other papers would yall recomend( specific brands ) ? Ive only used pipes with the occasional bong session....

  18. Yes sir, but just blunt wraps, with some damn good flavors, and you can easily fit 2-3g in em..which is pretty much when I only get them, for a big ol' fatty.

  19. Buy a pipe or a bong. You'll save money in the long run. Blunts are okay once in a while but it sounds like thats all you ever use.
  20. I actually had kinda a panic attack last night, i just started thinking about stuff that i shouldnt have after smoking WAY too much.. i tried to put myself to bed and it didnt work so well.
    Im by no means a new smoker but I have had a history of anxiety etc, and i was thinking about stuff that i shouldnt have been, as i was saying and yeah. Needless to say I was shaking like crazy and couldnt breathe. I knew i was okay, and i calmed myself down and went to bed. Im good at getting myself back down again, although it was prettty scary. Oh well, ill keep blazin,

    usually i smoke 1 bowl or two bowls and im nice and cooked,,,this time i smoked like 5 back to back hahah

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