bad trip on DXM

Discussion in 'General' started by KilltheKlown, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. i took DXM on hallaween ( 3pm) and had a HORRIBLE TRIP i stayed awake until the next night and i felt really bad i finaly got sum sleep and now i still feel kind of spacey.. i was buzzing all day and all night and all yesterday.. when is it gonnna where off completely?
  2. It may never because your brain is messed up... not good you should probably go get checked out...
  3. Just don't do it again.
  4. Haven't you learned your lesson from your last episode with DXM/Psuedophedrine?

    You deserved it if it fucked you up permanently

  5. hey hey, no one deserves a fucked up head... but yeah he shudda learned his lesson... his brain could easily be fucked up, thats why you stick with opiates!

  6. Good advice, get him addicted to opiates. I think you meant WEED.
  7. no.... i meant opiates... lol

    but yeah... weed is good too
  8. Yeah dude, opiates are a bad idea too... especially codine, i had a friend get his life so fucked up over it... he sold it to some girls in my school who overdosed and almost died, then ratted him out to the police. He got in so much trouble over that shit.. He was kicked out of the school and wasnt able to get into any other public school in the state! Goddamn, just stick to the green!
  9. Guy, I think you took a dangerous version of DXM (if you did it more than once like this, you can count on heart/brain damage or both). You have to pick the cough medicine that ONLY has dextromethorphan or dextromethorphan HBr as active ingredients, NOTHING else should be on the active ingredients list. It's too late for you though dude, if you indeed took a dangerous cough medicine this time, you should NEVER do ketamine/PCP/DXM in your lifetime, they're all dissasociatives(sp).
  10. Alright KillerClown, You did make a very large mistake, I did myself too. I have done cough medicine with other harmful chemicals (well, at large doses at least). I did it a few years back when i was fucked up and had a chug of the shit, and before hand I asked Casey (the dude that brought the robo) if it would hurt me, he responded hell no so I pounded down a gulp, grimmaced and puked, thank god I did, afterwards when I found out that other chemicals in that bottle could have harmed me I pounded the little fucker in the face twice. Once for giving me something harmful when i trusted him, and the second one for him laughing after punching him the first time.

    Killer, if you want a good trip with minimal risk, try NUTMEG. Take about one gram for every ten pounds you have on your body. Its quite grainy, but if you can get past the texture of it, it works quite well. Just a hint, follow every spoonful with a chaser of chocolate milk, it works with the flavor. Although its not a bad flavor, it is a seasoning, which means it has a STRONG flavor. This is not good for your kidneys though to do repeatedly. (Meaning daily)
  11. If you REALLY want to trip without getting sick (like with nutmeg) try salvia. It's legal and it's powerful. And from what i've read it isn't dangerous (to a certain degree).
  12. knucks; have you ever tried salvia?

    I before have tried salvia and in my opinion it was a waste of time, didn't make me trip, i felt a bit drunk and it had a horrible taste, that was my own bag of it i had.

    But then a while later another friend of mine got some and his was different, it didn't taste as bad as whenever i had it, but still never tripped, just a sort of drunkish feeling, then when we didn't trip we went and smoked some hash, so can't complain.
  13. No, I havn't tried it.

    You probably didn't smoke enough, hold it long enough, or just got a bad batch.

    Maybe you are someone who needs something stronger for it to work. Try 5x extract or something.

    I plan on trying it soon. I've read more about it working than not.
  14. naw, everyones different with salvia, some people dont feel anything (me) and some people get uber fucked up over it... and you gotta make sure you egt the highest x extract you can find, not the leaves! get the 20x powder... even i felt some some off that shit, just dust a nice dose on everybowl...

    edit: opiates are fine if you can control yourself, ive been steady on codeine for a few months now... ive been dry for 2 weeks due to my source drying up, and i feel absolutely no withdraw symptoms, or any strong want/need for it
  15. i really wanna do nuttmeg... but i only have the powderd stuff... wil it work?

    ooh yea.. i got tomaro off so if i took it topnite at like 12 wen i wake up will i be trippin?
  16. i just got out of the hospital
  17. r u ok...? is there aney perminate damage?? if u still live with yr rents ru in deep shit?
  18. You have to do Salvia right in order to get the most of the active ingredient... remember, you have to get everything in fast for a good acid-like trip of 10-15 minutes.
  19. I know i'm not supposed to be advertising, but it relates to the thread so i think it'll be fine (but hey, i'm not even advertising for myself)

    I've heard they have high potency salvia. When I decide to try salvia (very soon hopefully) this is where i'll be getting it from, so I guess I'll be able to tell you my personal experience with them.

    I've wanted to try it for a long time now. God I can't wait :D
  20. It's like a mix between a DMT/acid trip, just that it only lasts for about roughly 10 minutes, I prefer acid myself, lasts looooooong, anyway, I'm about to get a sheet of the stuff, been so long since I had acid...

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