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  1. Alright so not too long ago, I had a really bad trip and I was just wanting some opinions on what you think might have caused this and/or have any of you went through this? So me and my friend went and got some weed from his sister.. who got it from her dealer. The weed was good. Very sticky, really strong smell, and overall looked good. So we rolled a blunt and smoked the whole thing. While smoking, I could tell that I was getting high af because everything just felt so much more intense than any other time I have smoked. Also, we were just smoking outside behind my house in this small field. Anyways, after we finished it, we started to walk back to my house and then probably walked around for 10 minutes before going inside. At first, this high was really weird but probably one of the best I had ever had. Literally nothing even felt real and it felt like I was in some type of dream but it was an amazing feeling. However, we went inside and for about 20 minutes I was just chilling enjoying the high with my friend. Then all of a sudden, I get terrible anxiety and start panicking about things. We were watching this high boosting video and it literally hurt to watch it. I don't know how else to explain it but I just could not watch it. Then I just kept on freaking out and wanting the high to go away. I realize now that a lot of it was just me panicking and having anxiety but I had never had a high like this before. Eventually, I just layed down for a while until I was sleepy enough to fall asleep. Even the next day, I felt really weird for a few hours and eventually it went away and I was happy again. Also, instead of being really happy while being high... I was really sad. I thought it was just the weed but since then, I have smoked that same weed 2 times and it hasn't done that. Just to note, I'm not really a beginner. I've been smoking for months and I was smoking multiple times a week when that bad trip had happened.
  2. thread was more than sufficient. No need to make more of the same.
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  3. not really.. still haven't got a good answer lol
  4. wuddup dough
  5. Hey op, spoiler alert. It was 99% most likely a anxiety or panic attack. Just gotta stay groovy an not let your mind dwell on the negatives but the positives.

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  6. No, you just haven't got an answer you like.

    As far as making more than one thread goes, it's extremely uneccessary and if you really want to put it out there again just bump it. If you don't know what bumping is, it's typing the word "bump" as a comment and posting it.

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