Bad Transplant - Help!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Scarem, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Okay so I made a beginners error by starting my plants in way too small a pot, added to that fact the soil really shrunk down like 15-20% there was hardly any room for growth. To try save them I transplanted into a new pot which went okay for the first but just now I've noticed 5-6 small roots still in the OLD pot after I'd transplanted.

    The soil I used in the first place made it a nightmare to lift the rootball out so I've obviously done some damage.... Help!!
  2. I've read about plants surviving loosing one third or even one half of their roots you should be fine imo, it's best to wait till they get slightly root-bound before you transplant and it all comes out in one clean block.
  3. not much you can do now except leave it alone in it's new home for a week and see if it pulls through. You shouldn't have tried to get the roots out of the soil. You should have just wet the dirt in the first pot and carefully go around the edge with a plastic knife or stick and then dig a hole big enough for the old soil with the plant still in it to fit and drop it in then push the new soil around the old and done. You risk too much damage uncovering the roots, they shouldn't see light or direct air.
  4. Okay cheers for the quick response... I'll see she goes on. Fingers crossed!

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