bad to smoke around plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wdissident, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. my grow area is in my closet which is in my room and i happen to blaze everyday in my room. does that ruin potency?
  2. lol ya know i have been thinking about that same question. Cuz i sit there on my bed smoking budskis with the closet door open, just watching, waiting, sending them good vibes.

    i know cig smoke is bad but i never heard if pot smoke is too. I hope its not, it sure doesnt look like its doing any harm to my plants. they are all growing well.

    How big is your closet grow? do you have a journal? im doing a perpetual closet grow with a 400w HPS and a 4' 4 bulb HO T5. things are going well so far.
  3. My grow is in my closet, in the room I hang in. I smoke 4 to 5 times daily in the room, and my wife smokes cigs in the room. I had a beautiful harvest. I would never go blow smoke on my plants, or smoke in the closet, but we do smoke in the room and it doesn't bother the plants. My ventilation takes care of whatever little might get over there I suppose.
  4. I doubt smoke would hinder the growth much as long as the room doesn't look foggy from all of it. I smoke near my plant all of the time and it seems to be doing fine.
  5. I know cig smoke is no good. Interferes with the photosynthesis process some how. Not sure about weed specifically but to be safe I personally avoid it

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