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Bad Times

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chewmauro, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. I have been chillin' on my summer break just smoking all day (like really every 30min somedays) and hiking and watching "Hong Kong Phooey". Good Times.

    But one night I reached for my 7" CCG hammer i got from the City and felt a crunch. This piece was so cool two people have told me they had dreams about it. It was first rate shit. Turns out my dad dropped my bag and it broke. He felt real bad and apologized. That same fucking night I mistook the newspaper delivery lights with cop strobes and tossed my whole stash out the window and never found it later. Bad Times.

    PS: I went to order the same pipe and the City don't sell it no more :(
  2. damn that sucks i mean that is one crappy ass night man you should make your dad pay for a new one
  3. Holy shit man, I'd be really mad if my dad broke my piece, especially one that sounds like it was nice. I've lost stashes before, but never by tossing it out the window. You're right--bad times. I'll smoke a bowl for ya, man.

  4. One of my buddies made me feel better by telling me about the night he lost $100 cash and an oz. of dank.

    I couldn't make my dad pay it wasn't his fault he was just moving my bag for me.
  5. ahh Hong Kong Phooey... good shit :D... Hong kong phooey number one super guy... hong kong phooey quicker than the human eye........ er something .......
  6. Wow man. That sucks a shitload. I don't think I could live with myself for a few hours haha.

  7. rofl. anyways, things happen, people move on. buy like, the most expensive hammer on the city and call it a day. =)
  8. ah man thats have any pics of the broken piece?
  9. chucking your stash sucks, but lossing it anywayz is bad. My boy recently got jacked $200 on a deal that went shiitty, but it would problie be worse actually tossing it yourself then someone else taking it from you. I don't think i would toss my shit even if it was just a .5, just cuz u get pulled over don't mean ur busted

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