bad thoughts when smoking weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flavor Flave, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. So for the first time in like 6 months I smoked weed again. I always get quiet as shit when I smoke, and this time I just sat there and just thought about bad shit? wtf? May sound retarted, but just seeing what some people have to say.
  2. Ya its not uncommon to just think about everything and anything when your high sometimes. Idk why you were thinking about bad things though, were you in a bad mood or was there something on your mind maybe that made you think like that?
  3. Put on some chill music. Slightly Stoopid is a good way to ensure youll have a good high.
  4. How is this a medical marijuana question?
  5. thanks for the responses so far. sorry if its in the wrong section.
  6. anyone else?
  7. I used to do that shit, like i thought the world was ending or people i know dying, quickly got out of that stage.
  8. Some say weed causes paranoia, some say.
  9. Try meditating during/after the session.

    MJ has euphoric effects, but it also alters your consciousness. Especially sativa strains put your thoughts in overdrive. The average person has no control over himself and his thoughts, this becomes more extreme under the influence sometimes.

    Get a couch lock indica strain and you shouldnt have this problem, or start meditating.
  10. some people just shouldn't smoke weed
  11. Yeah like that other guy said, try meditating, you need to focus and control your thoughts, not many people know how to do this tho, even though its really easy to learn how.

    I actually learned how to meditate when taking martial arts training, really helps relax and calm you.

    Google some meditation techniques, they'll definitely help.

    Also, find something to entertain you while your high, like a comedy or something light hearted. It'll take your mind off the bad stuff.

    You could also try smoking with friends, that usually takes any seriousness out of the equation.
  12. Embrace it and learn to use those bad thoughts as fuel to destroy those who oppose you.
  13. Who will in turn use the negativity to destroy other people, leading our worlds hatred and chaos even further. What sense is there in this? If you use those thoughts, the backlash stays with you and you are filled with negativity and hatred, and you have increased the hatred - spliced it to increase in the world YOU have to inhabit.

    Why not instead observe it, realize it is pointless and futile, and let it go? Better for you directly, even if you can't see the boomerang impact it will have by being better for you indirectly as well.

    [ame=""]YouTube - On the nature of negativity and consciousness[/ame]
  14. I agree that MJ should be decriminalized, but for those who say weed DOESN'T cause people to act paranoid/think bad thoughts are just ignoring the truth like the people who outlaw the substance. When I used to blaze it for a few months I would think of some weird evil paranoid shit. I would just stare at my tats and trip out thinking they were evil - and it really did scare me. I'd think some other weird shit sometimes, too. But it depended on what type of weed it was, how I was emotionally feeling at the time, and other factors. It doesn't JUST make you happy/trip out in good ways, it can cause some problems with people who have depression, stress related issues and onset schizophrenia. I think that if MJ is decriminalized, there should be some type of regulation on what age you are allowed to purchase it.

  15. I think you took what I said waaaaay too seriously.
  16. Happens to me sometimes but I just block it out , go back to whatever I was doing, and it always goes away.
  17. What if the OP took it seriously too? What you said is not an uncommon mindset.

  18. I do have depression, take medicine for it to. Perhaps that could have something to do with it.
  19. like i said MARIJUANA IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY, if it is not working for you and causing issues with your mental health STOP. everybody is trying to give advice on how to make smoking pleasurable but for some people it just ISN'T POSSIBLE.

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