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Bad thoughts, paranoia, increased (self) awareness.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GandraLjubens, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. #1 GandraLjubens, Mar 11, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016
    Hey guys, I am 18 and I have a few questions ("problems") that I need help with. Thanks.

    Okay, so I've been smoking weed like 2-3 years but I started smoking often like 3-4 times in the week and every friday and saturday for 1+ year, and like everyday in the summer and winter holiday. In the past few months, things have occurred that made me think a lot about smoking weed and how to cope with this "problems", and I hope some one can help me. I am always dying from laughter, tripping, stoned as shit, getting crazy, funny and high ideas, and so on, also everyone from my squad too, we game on PC & consoles, we listen to reggae, full-on trance, dark trance, uplifted trance, rap, and so on, and we are something like I don't know, positive and "retarded" stoners? But we can and we are serious when there is need of seriousness, and can act mature while high. You know, the classical thing. We always smoke In a great environment with a great atmosphere, and 90% with the people I love and like. Please don't type things in the context of : "enjoy the high dude, we are not psychologists, blah blah". Everything is good, but deep inside me, I have these questions :
    1. I think that almost everyone Is trying to make a fool out of me while I'm high, like they have a friendly approach but they are secretly making a fool of me with the others while they think I don't notice them. When I was younger and still could be called an newbie (I'm probably not still a newbie), I didn't even consider this "crazy" things that we did and how we look like when we are high, but now something has changed.
    2. I ask myself all the time : why I am doing this moves, why did I put my hand like that, Is that normal, what If someone's looking, what will they think? Am i looking like a retard when I'm bursting of laughter with the other stoned guys & having these strange moves ?
    3. My voice gets not deeper like everyone on google Is asking, but lower, softer, and I feel stupid when I talk to a person with a lower voice and then when a second person asks me something I continue the talk with another version of my voice. Why does this happen ? (It happens to a friend too).
    4. Really shitty thoughts have started to come to my head, e.g. : Why does that person not like me when I only met him 30 minutes ago. ? Why I can't trust anyone while I am high? Why do I over-analyze things? Do I really over-analyze things? What If I am right?? What do people think of me? Do people like me or think of me only as the crazy & funny guy who Is invited to smoke only because of his jokes? Do people like the way I talk? Why Is everyone talking shit for the other guy standing next to him? I notice much more things, even things that I think I shouldn't. This exact thoughts pass through my mind when I'm stoned, and many other similar thoughts. Before this started, I was often talking about how weed only makes me feel great and no "bad trips" happen like these thoughts, like vomiting, passing out and so on...
    BTW, It's not about the strain, I have tried that. I have no records of any kind of "mental illness" and I'm rarely kinda depressed.

    I seriously need help with this, all this questions are bugging me hard, It's filling my head and I just couldn't hold it anymore and I had to ask. Also sorry If there are some mistakes with my English, It's not my first language.

    Also this questions & "problems" started like a few months ago, so I wasn't always like this.

    Thanks for the replies & answers. Happy toking. <3 :passing-joint:
    A great song to listen while stoned. :D
  2. Sounds like you should focus less on your ego my friend.
  3. sounds like reefer madness to me. Keep your good friends close, and your good weed closer.

    to be real, all your symptoms are typical of weed because it makes you think, and established virtues do not wish to allow you room for that in today's world.
  4. I get the second one all the time mines usually when I'm in the city high not when I'm with my friends man!

    I think the way to try and deal with it is to try and remind yourself that everyone is more focused on themselves and what you think is awkward or weird or not natural. People probably aren't even noticing and if they do they will more than likely forget quickly anyway

    For example when your not high or even when you are and you walk in the city or driving round how much notice do you actually take of other people? What they look like how they move etc. Even if you do notice you forget about them a couple of seconds later.

    So summary is to remember that it doesn't matter and that you are overthinking it! It's helped me to remind myself that and move on to more positive creative thoughts :)
    Hope this helps

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  5. Thanks man, I think you actually may be right, also these things happend only like 2-3 times with the best friends, 99% of the time when we are a much larger group with like not so close people.
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  6. Honestly, unless you are actually doing something to "get noticed", no one is looking at you. The majority of people are too absorbed into their own thoughts.

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