Bad things do happen to good people

Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. Well, I just went to the wake of one of my closest friends today. He died of an overdose on oxycontin and xanax. And he was one of the best and nicest people you would ever meet. He finished college with an engineering major, had a great job, and was found dead at 6am saturday morning. It just makes me think that I'm lucky to be here. Many nights I pushed the limits of how much my body could endure. I'm damn lucky I never overdosed. My guardian angel must work long hours to ensure I don't meet my maker anytime soon. I never imagined that I would lose so many friends to pills.....I'm only 26 and I have lost a total of 6 good friends in the last 2 yrs to this horrible epidemic sweeping my town. I swear, I'm going to remain pill free this time for all of them watching over me.

    But, for now I'm going to have a few drinks and try to mellow out. It's just too much to even deal with right now.

    Peace and love to you all..................
  2. My heart breaks for you. I don't know what else to say.
  3. well Im sorry to hear about your friend and the past 5 an that you had to witness it that close, everytime. it sure puts things in perspective for those of us left.
  4. Terribly sorry to hear of your loss, stay strong, my prayers are in your direction.
  5. The bit that gets me is that people never seem to learn..

    Stick to the mj my friends.ain,t nobody l know died of it yet .
  6. F.C. You have my deepest sympathy and my heart..

    Pills don't care who you are or what you are.. they have a mind of their own, and that mind is too own you..

    I jhave never had a problem with pills. I guess I am a lucky person though.. I know of many back in the day that loved quailudes and valumes by the hand fulls.. I have seen best friends go beyond the limit and do stupid things that took their lives..

    Again I say we love ya...

  7. ..the best advice you could recieve.

    im so sorry thats terrible. 6 friends in 2 years? i feel so bad for u that must be hell to go through.

    ive never lost a friend to nething let alone to drugs, so i have no idea what u r going through but i can imagine that it is terrible i hope something so terrible and unfortuane never falls upon me.

    remember dont stop thinking about tommow. things will get better eveuntaly.

    im so sorry. good luck and god bless

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