Bad Teacher

Discussion in 'Movies' started by VanDep, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Anyone else watch this? I watched this last night high as a kite and was surprised by how funny it was. I hadn't really liked Cameron Diaz in anything since There's Something About Mary, and she's great in this one.

    Plus, there's a lot of stoner references which I related too, and most of you probably will. Smoking while driving while doing something else...

    Anyway, I recommend it.
  2. Sweet as man, ditching school tomorrow to go see it with a jumbo popcorn 2 drinks and a bag of skittles. Hope it's worth the hype, Jason Segal is the funniest guy ever.
  3. I've skipped class before (in college) to go to the movies, awesome. And prob had jumbo popcorn with 2 drinks since i get dry mouth like a bitch.
  4. That movie sucked ass. cameron diaz acting was shit. jason segel was in it for like a toatl of 15 mins. And the plot just turned to shit the further and further it went. The only redeemable part of that movie were the few smoking scenes, but even that was all joints. lol fuck that movie. i saw it for free and im still complaining
  5. I never said it was a new "Superbad."

    I just had very low expectations and ended up laughing out loud in a few scenes, something I really didn't expect. Every Jason Segel scene is hilarious.

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