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Bad tasting weed.. what can I do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aaron669, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. I'm out of my main bud for a few days, so I got this other stuff. It gives a good high and everything, but tastes HORRIBLE. Any ideas on how to minimize the bad taste without putting the stuff in a jar with something for a few days? I wana smoke in a couple hours.
  2. Get some Tasty Puff!
  3. Use a bubbler or bong?
  4. [​IMG]

    Buy this gum, take like half of it out, and put the weed directly into the package, no bag or anything. Leave it for like keep it pocket or close to some mild heat for like 20 minutes, and the weed should taste like sour apple in no time.
  5. Suck it up or dont smoke it.
  6. well if its dry then you stick a orange peel it the will moisten it and give it a good flavour.
  7. Take a hit while chewing on your favorite variety of bubble gum?
  8. Buy some tasty puff... I reccomend chronic hypnotic as the flavour. ;o
  9. Smoke it in a blunt. You'll get the taste of the blunt.

    or a bubbler might work.
  10. i'd smoke it fast.
  11. personally id drink some red gatorade. firstly, u have the fruit punch tase in ur mouth when u take a hit, so that should mask some of the foul taste. also, i find when i drink gatoade/powerade, my mouth and throat get kinda like a mucous like film, which kinda acts as a barrier. give that a try and c what happens. ohh, and once u can get a hold of ur regular stuff, dont look back.
  12. Buy some tasty puff... I reccomend chronic hypnotic as the flavour. ;o

    I just bought that exact same flavor. It was my first time trying tasty puff, and I have to say, I'm not a fan. It's too strong, burns wierd, and is too chemically. I didn't like it too much.

    I just chew gum and take hits.
  13. I agree with the orange peel thing. Put your stash in a mason jar, and put a good looking orange peel in there. It'll make your stuff smell real nice too.

    I don't usually use gum, because after the smoke session it always tastes like absolute shit.
  14. roll it into a spliff
  15. take fatty bong rips..that way you can get high quick without smoking on it all day
  16. Lol that shit taste like grapefruit... Def not one of there best flavours...
  17. if you have a bong or a bubbler, use something with a strong taste instead of the water
  18. Ive only had bad tasting weed once or twice, I just popped in a piece of a really minty gum and barely tasted it at all.
  19. it could be a dirty pipe?

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