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Bad summer so far...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by punkyworld, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. My summer has sucked so bad, except that i've been high most of the time, but it gets real boring here.. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions as to how to make my summer more fun.. I'm really excited about budstock, but until then i'm just sitting here fapping it and working a little...
  2. ^^^ ouch that sucks mayne im sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with your ex father in law.
  3. As bad as anyone has it, someone has it worse.
  4. I wasn't trying to offend anyone I was just giving a dumb rant... and i'm not a fucking teenage daughter...

  5. wtf??
  6. Punky you need some maximum loving from a beautiful women.

    Guys who are sad, I love you and I love you again.

    Guys who post here even though they have nothing in common, I love you.

    All I can tell you is make the best of your life here. Do crazy shit like runnning down the street nekkid. When I'am sad or even deppressed I make myself smile ( works every time ).

    You guys need hot chicks ( punky ).

    - over and out ( chaa )

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  7. Damn shes hot!

  8. i'd hit it..... :D
  9. chaa

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  10. um.. yes I concur...

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  11. does this mean your happy?!!?!??!!?


    - chaa

  12. I know that it is a novel idea, foreign to alot of "stoners" out there, but getting a job will work wonders for your summer boredom. If you already have a job then maybe get a hobby. Do some volunteering or something. Let God and herb work through you and you may be surprised to see your life changing for the better on a daily basis.

    Either way dude, all the best and have a good summer.

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