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Bad stoner

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Alphå, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Another year another new roommate. By this time I've got his character all figured out.

    I was lucky enough to be matched by the college with someone who also smokes... Yet I've been cursed.

    He told me he was the 'cool senior who hung out with the juniors' last year... I think it was the other way around (cool juniors hanging out with a senior).

    I've blazed with him probably every day since august. Thats gotta stop.

    He has such a low tolerance, that he'll smoke one bowl of middies and be sky high. So if I was the first one to pack the bowl, he'll be 'high enough' and doesn't want to match me on another. Mind you I'd be barely buzzed after a bowl (its a tiny bowl I'm using right now).

    Thats probably the thing I dislike most about him. he never wants to pack. I was at a friends house yesterday and we were packing bowls in his bub. My friend packed one, then I packed one, and when it got passed to my roommate it was cashed.

    He had weed on him, but instead of packing another bowl, he looked at me for like 5 minutes, got up and handed me an empty bowl and said it was cashed. I was all like "Yeah me and haze just packed bowls, I think its your turn". He said he had enough for tonight.

    Its not that hes a bad kid, he's just a horrible person to smoke with, and right now thats all I do in college. Well I guess its not even just herb. He just sucks at partying. Its like I'm bringing a little kid around everywhere with me.

    And I really hate it when I wake up in the morning to the sound of him rummaging through my shit looking for my pipe. And I'm fucking sick and fucking tired of him listening to the same 4 Ramones songs all fucking day from when he wakes me up in the morning to when he keeps me up at night.

    Sorry I just needed to vent hard.
  2. It's good to get to vent before you hurt them :p
  3. lol my friends like that too he'll ask me if i wanna match so Ill pack a full bowl then once its his turn he packs a few leafs at the bottom of the bowl.:rolleyes:
  4. i consider low tolerance a good thing, infact i usually quit for a month or so and began to drink acai, pomegranate and synergy (kambucha), to give my body a little rest from the toxins.
  5. fuck that kid, cut the ambilical cord....
  6. I hear that.
    Try not to kill the poor guy.
    Try to talk to him about it.
    If not, leave his ass be.
  7. woah, that's a shitty awkward situation.
    tell him to start acting his age or else he can't use your shit
  8. That sucks. I hate people like that.

    My roommate isn't too bad this year. He's kind of an alcoholic, and comes home at like 3-4 each night, more like 5-8 on the weekends.
  9. He just sounds like a leech to me. Get rid of him, or never smoke with him again unless he smokes with you first.
  10. Just consider yourself lucky you don't have my roommates.
    We've got 4 people in our suite complex, 1 of them is alright with me smoking bud, the other two, wish death upon me for it.
  11. just be clear that when you start smoking you are both going to match, just be like "yo man, you wanna match me for a bowl?" and if he says yes he has to comply. if he backs down later say FUCK YOU and punch him in the gonads.
  12. Just tell him to pack first.
  13. sounds like the kid just needs schooled in stoner etiquette

    tell him how it is
  14. a word of wisdom from my father "flaming arrows can solve most problems"

    but get him to pack halves with u on a bowl so he doesnt screw u over.
  15. I would tell him to pack first too.
  16. Ummm if I'm smoking someone out on nice fat bowls and they try to skimp me with some shitty packed bowl I'll call them out on it.
  17. So he's the "cool senior that used to hang out with juniors", huh? Sounds like a lameass to me. Who brags about hanging out with juniors like they're some kind of benevolent person doing those kids a favor? People that are still in that high school mindset, that's who.

    I'd tell him to stay out of my stuff if I were you. I hate people rummaging through my belongings unless I told them to do it.
  18. Take him in as your stoner protoge. lol i cant spell for shit.
  19. I usually go half and half on bowls. Try doing that, or before you toke ask him if he wants to match you a bowl. If he says yes and doesn't, he's a fucker. Maybe eventually he'll just catch on to the ettiquite, he may just be new to it all.
  20. that's exactly it!

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