Bad smell of mould but no sign of it anywhere what do I do

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  1. My fifth time and this is by far the most pungent and fruity of all grows so far about 3 days away from harvest almost completed the flush gave it a heavy watering a couple of days ago and now I can smell like damp on the buds and is masking the Potent fruity smell I was once smelling can this be resolved any ideas humidity was 70% after heavy watering but normally has been around 50 to 55 throughout the grow I've had dehumidifiers in there but where I live is very humid not much I could do

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  2. could just be the plant.....and the buds....are just displacing all that "extra water" it received
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  3. The smell reduction could just be due to the fact they were a little overwatered/more than they were used to in the flush...I'd say water no more, and let things start to dry out. You're leaving your lights on right?
    I imagine you'll have a return to good smells.
    None of the buds look wilted or like they're closing in on themselves? That's usually the dead-set sign there's some mould-like problems.

    I guess at this stage, I'd be saying to myself...all I can really do is extra ventilation.
    You *could* consider, if you feel like things are too wet still...maybe getting some of those mini buckets of damp-rid or an equivalent product, they really do draw out moisture very well. Just an idea. Never used one around plants personally.
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  4. thanks mate for the response much appreciated I'm going to order some now

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    • Get a UVC light and flash them at harvest. I do this now. It helps my conscience to know I do the best I can.
    • If your bud is molded, chuck it out. That doesn't necessarily mean all the bud.
    • When manicuring, you can see non-evident mold by flicking it and watching for spores.
    • A 360 UV bandwidth can detect aflatoxins as they fluoresce at 425 and 450 (blue).
    • Think about filtering your incoming air; there's several methods on YT (especially for carpentry shops).
    • Line the grow room with some fungicidal copper salts (blue) since moisture will accumulate at wall corners and mold will thrive.
    • Bleach out the walls and floors, you can do this during the grow.
    • Fungicide bomb the grow room between grows.
    • Use beneficial organisms. Mycorrhizae is cheap, other stuff... not so much, but the research shows increased yields and rot protection.
    These are things I do except for checking for aflatoxin. I tried ordering a diode to check, but it was the wrong wavelength, needs to 360 I believe. I also add trichoderma.
  5. An indoor grow, eh? Check ur vents/ indoor condenser coils on ur ac unit.
  6. Great advice thanks mate I hope this is the case I will try this also

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  7. Perfect that sounds good hopefully this is the case thanks for your reply guys is much appreciated

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