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  1. Ok. here it is:

    the temperature is around 32-33 deg C down near the plants and only 30-35% RH (i put in a bowl of water just after i took that reading), thats with a huge fan for intake (no exhaust fan, i got it all set up, 250mm ducting has been installed im getting the inline tomorrow)

    its a 5' 4" x 3' 3" x 6' 5" area, soil medium, 600W MH Retro Fit, the plants are seedlings, about 2 weeks old, 3 nodes, and about 2 - 3 " tall. they are about 2' 7" away from the light.

    its a 45cm fan that blows fresh air in the bottom, the space is not air tight (its relitively impossible the way its setup) and im getting a couple 250mm inlines (1 exhaust 1 intake) (the 45cm is temporary til i get my fans).

    can any one suggest anything?
  2. you have the door closed on the closet? or is it open a bit? you gotta figure a way to get some hot air out. you will have to get something inline, looks like youre working on it though, if the door is closed, open it. see if you can get a fan to exhaust hot air out. 600 watts is a lil too much in the closet imo especially without a blower or something
  3. its not realy a closet, its a room in a room, its main structure is 3 cupboards, that the lining is attatched to, also some of it is black lining, im trying to get white plastic. i have the plastic door ajar so air blows out too.

    EDIT: i was just up in the roof and stuck my head in the vent, it is blowing out some air, not much, but some, i get the inline extractor 2morro.
  4. ok, good news n bad news, i got the extractor (fuckin powerful as hell) its a bit of a struggle to close the main door. not relally but i do have to pull it harder. and i got the white plastic, i am about to line it all now, and seal it all up.

    bad news, got home it was up at 37 deg, and its not going down too quick.

    EDIT: and even better, i just checked in and its at about 27-28deg with 35% RH and i might get more water now.
  5. generally i go with 4" per 100watts, but during flowering i lower my 400wattHPS down to about 10" with a heat shield, room temp at about 78-85 and adding co2 to allow the higher heat

    i ran my ballast remote so as to keep the heat down in the room, but it's still hot........luckily i have no problems opening the growroom door, and venting through the house, but i'd still love to get a squirrel, and vent more if possible, but the vibration will travel up the tennement......bummer

    ps what's the RH stand for, is that your humidity levels?

    Peace out..........Sid
  6. HIGH All, yes Relative Humidity is what I took it for sid
  7. tnx unoit, 35%, that's a good level for flowering, some find it very hard to achieve that, but for veg, i aim for about 50%.......if it gets too dry, i let my plants dry out a good bit, and water till they run through, and that helps bring it up all the extra water in the room, even if it is in the soil.........and if mores needed again, then a pint of water in a glass by the side (exept during flowering)..........Peace out..........Sid

  8. HIGH All, I hear ya Big you know of coarse uses BB's and you'd think there would be a HIGH humidity I have to wet towels down and hang them in my room and then spray the white plastic I have on the walls with water to bring it up...sure does fast though.
  9. i got 2 big bowls (i mean big) bowls of water right <edit> ->next<- to them but up on bricks, and its still only 40-45% in there. is that alright? would getting a damp cloth and watting the white plastic i just put up make a big difference? when you say alot unoit, do u mean ALOT or a little alot? :p like 10-15 % up?
  10. HIGH All, yes ALOT...I try and keep my room at or near 60% to 65% for 3 weeks then when 12/12 comes down the Humidity goes.

    Edit: Just took a pic and it's 70% in there right now.

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  11. fark, 70! goddamn. n just over 30. thats pretty good. i got mine sittn around 27-29. with 45-50%

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