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  1. So I've got a buddy who recently came to me with an interesting proposition. A few days ago he was busted with an underage drinking ticket. Thing is he's in a bad situation and can't pay the ticket, plus the charge on his record would mean he wouldn't be able to pursue his career anymore. He can take a class that would wipe everything off his record and eliminate the fine but the class costs more than the ticket. He can't go to his family either.

    The one thing he was thinking of doing was going back to the police. See there's this kid on his floor that has been aggravating everyone on the floor. He intrudes on their space, talks like he knows everything, and demeans everyone and their opinions. He follows them out on weekends and when the get to a party his constant degrading conversation pushes everyone away from the whole group. Nobody likes this kid and everyone sees him as a nuisance he's cockblocked members of the group on multiple occasions. He's just a rude, offensive, asshole.

    Now the police were pressuring my friend to tell them what they want to hear and in exchange they would drop everything. He knows it's wrong and would usually never do anything like this but desperate times call for desperate measures. This kid keeps marijuana in his dorm room and it would be really easy for the police to bust him if they were given the right information.

    Is he wrong in taking this opportunity to get out of a sticky situation or is this something he shouldn't pass up? Would you justify the passing of information to the police in exchange for the clearance of his record?

    tl;dr-----> just read it, it won't kill you to increase your reading level.
  2. If you do it your actually worse than the guy you set up, that being said if i was in the situation and genuinely hated the guy I probably would do it
  3. I would do it if I absolutely hated the guy, like MrGravityBong said. If nobody likes him, I don't think you'll have to worry about making any other enemies either. ;)
  4. Snitching is bad, but I mean people do what they want to do.I mean I can understand if the guy is serial killing or something. Idk...I would tell you no, but that's molded from me being from the area I'm from. Also, my nose hasn't always been so clean either.

    But I mean, people do what they want, weigh the outcome and consequences.

    But the world would be a better place, if we all mind out buisness. .-.
  5. Imo there would be some heavy bad karma to deal with, suck it up, don't snitch.....

  6. Exactly. The OP's friend got himself in a jam, he should man up and just deal with his own problem and not rat some one out just get out of it.

    And honestly, this seems like a pretty minor offense the OP's friend is facing.
    It's not like we are talking about the friend going to jail for years. The OP said it could "ruin his career" That's pretty vague. I know plenty of people who have gotten busted for crimes and went on to work white collar jobs, heck even jobs as cops/working for the government.

    So, the OP's friend gets himself in a bad situation. He can't afford to pay the fines, he can't afford classes to get out of the trouble he's in, he's too chicken to go to his parents.... so because of that it's alright to rat out some one that you don't like?

    I dunno...... that guy in the dorm would have had to do done something really fucked up to me for me to consider me snitching on him. Not just annoy me
  7. When he came to me I told him it would be a fucked up thing to do. After all this kid on his floor hasn't really done anything too harmful to anyone aside from scaring off some tail.

    But later, after I had a chance to think about it, I thought it wouldn't be that bad. To me it seems everyone in this world is out for themselves. People are self-interested. They will try to get one over on whoever they can if it means personal gain.

    Is this just how the world works? Of course there are exceptions, but do people really care about others unconditionally?

    All I see is a society that refuses to help others except themselves, even those that appear to be fighting the good fight end up being selfish.

    If you don't help yourself who will?

    So how bad a thing could it really be to deflect the shit onto this other kid?

    P.S. to clarify, if he's charged with this he would need to change his major because his school doesn't accept anyone with a record. That would mean at least another year of college and that's thousands of dollars. Family isn't an option because of his situation at home, he's not chicken he just can't go to them. Believe me, he would if he could.
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    Snitches get stitches. If I knew who you were I would beat the fuck out of you for even asking this.

    You dig your bed you lay in it.

    Advocating violence is not tolerated here - WW
  9. damn OP you and your friends shouldnt turn states evidence over something petty . . . take the charge on the chin and keep it moving
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    just because you don't like him doesn't mean you (or your friend, who it is is irrelevant) should make someone else pay for your mistakes, man up and accept responsibility for your own actions and don't throw anyone else under the bus

    that's your friends fault for being dumb and drinking underage, you all better hope this guy you're gonna screw over doesn't know people
  11. very interesting. And people are quick to point fingers when there in a hot jam. IDK if i would do it. but all that snitches get stitches is some bullshit. But i would think twice about doing it.

    OR maybe to be honest if they really make it official to give him what he wants right then and there. No BS no funny business. I say he should do it. Fuck it.


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    Underage drinking is part of the culture where we live. The cops know this. The only reason he was pinned with it in the first place was because he refused to snitch on his homies for a drug charge.

    Oh and by the way, he was caught in the first place because the residence hall staff called the police.

    Is that not snitching? That's the same thing that he's contemplating doing. The staff get a bonus for turning people in. It's exactly the same as getting a ticket dropped. Everyone hits a lick.

    It's just proof that I'm right that vast majority of people look out for themselves.

    If he doesn't do it someone else will. That's just the truth of it.

    If he stands tall he's that much more in debt in student loans and he can't pursue his dream. Where is the logic in that? "Snitches get stitches" is weak thinking and just doesn't cut it after you go through puberty. Come up with a better argument.

    Oh and nobody has decided anything yet, no need for weak ass threats and insults.
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    So you're saying if your buddy who bought pot off you got caught drinking underage and then to get out of a petty little ticket he rats you out so you become a felon for life, definitely do time, and basically ruin your whole life. You wouldn't beat the fuck out of this person?

    "Snitches get stitches" isn't bullshit, because if you get caught by being stupid and then pass your misfortune to someone else because you're not man enough to face the consequences is okay? No it's not you be a fucking man face what you brought upon yourself and get on with life.

    It's a petty ticket for underage drinking, that just about everyone gets in life. He doesn't have 20 kilos of coke in a suitcase found in his trunk facing life in prison, it's a damn ticket.

    Advocating violence is still not tolerated, AND we do NOT allow discussions or references to other drugs on GC - WW
  14. So many snitches! Never tell anything. Shows how many narcs are on here
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    Tell us OP what career is he going into that would care about an underage drinking ticket:laughing:

    Tell your friend to take the honest route and just take the class.

  16. It's not the career it's the school. They would kick him out and he would need to change his major. Essentially he wouldn't be able to get a degree in what he wants.
  17. it really doesn't matter whether it's a "part of the culture", drinking under 21 is clearly against the law, your friend is completely aware of this (or I would hope so if he's in college...), and he got busted, it's no one's fault but his own, quit trying to rationalize it and place blame on other people (like the dorm staff... give me a break)

  18. Is that a joke? Damn your friend must be going to harvard or some shit:eek:
    Still not buying it.:cool:
  19. It's your buddy's fault he got busted underage drinking ( believe it or not) I think he should man up and handle his shit. But If you guys think snitching is the way to go, then I'm sure karma will catch up it always seems to do so
  20. Are we supposed to feel bad? You do the crime you do the time.
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