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Bad side effects from vaping?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by weedvirgin15, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. I've recently been introduced to vaping and I like how it's convient and works fast, unlike edibles. But I'm wondering if there are bad side effects to vaping such as shortness of breath or lung problems.
  2. Unpopular opinion, but I think that it can be bad for you.

    You have to understand you’re essentially inhaling water vapor. Dirty humidifiers can make people sick, I think the same can be said about vaping.

    Keep your tools clean, be aware of whats In your weed, how your vape works, what parts are in it, and what may be in your air already. Humid environments are places that all kinds of nasties can grow and fester- especially mold and that can, and has killed people in documented and undocumented cases.
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  3. You're not vaping mold (as long as ur weed isn't moldy) and it's not like smoking it would be better. Smoke has way more carcinogens than vapor. Vaping is healthier than smoking weed. And smoking weed has been proven to not cause or contribute to cancer like tobacco. But yeah vaping or smoking make sure your weed is safe and all that other good shit.
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  4. Marijuana and Your Lungs: Is Vaping Safe for People with COPD?

    Relevant research material. You’re asking the right questions. Unfortunately there isn’t enough research for me to go off of.

    I personally use a mflb and I love it! Don’t listen to some of the band wagoners, they usually end up with a Darwin Award.
  5. Our mouths and lungs were not made for the inhalation of heated vapor or smoke.
    That being said, our bodies are incredible and can repair damage at an astounding rate.
    I think you should weigh the pros and cons to decide what is right for you personally.
    Good luck
  6. Shortness of breath and lung say it's recent.
    The thing is - your lungs are used to smoking, and probably not used to filling up quite so much or absorbing liquid particles at this time. I remember feeling a slightly pressurised feeling inside my lungs after a huge vape hit.
    Vapourising (I speak only of herbal vapourising, not whatever that liquid shit is) facilitates clearance of stuck-on congested material, even stuff that's not there from smoking.
    My lung capacity has gone up.
    I judge how my lungs feel at times I'm NOT vaping, compared to the times I was NOT smoking...
    In their "normal" state, my lungs felt a lot better.
    You can overthink things while stoned and self induce semi-psychosomatic "symptoms" as well if you dwell on this stuff too much while indulging. I've often thought the connection between the emotional/mental/physical stuff is somehow strengthened when you're stoned.

    Give it some more time without smoking...see how you feel day to say at times you're not using it.

    Vapes heat up hot enough so that anything in them, like a pathogen or mould etc is likely going to be eliminated and/or "cooked off" by the time the thing is pre-heated. As long as you're not seeing any water particles left on your equipment I'd say that's fine unless you're fucking with damp/mouldy weed in the first place.

    My suggestion is: If you don't smoke tobacco, vapourising is worth sticking with, and getting yourself a better unit - in my experience getting what you paid for really comes into play here. Go with an Arizer or above if you want to play with some quality.
  7. No good answer at the moment. We will see after couple of years how daily users lungs will react to!

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  8. Don't worry about it. Vaping is less harmful than overeating
  9. Less harmful doesn't mean there are no bad side effects.

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  10. Living is harmful if you do it long enough.
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  11. @Cactus Ed ain’t that the truth. We all gotta go some time. Might as well enjoy life and live it to the fullest without being reckless.

    No one gets out of here alive
  12. I guess the question isn't very specific. OP doesn't say what he's vaping. Who knows what some people put in cartridges. Vaping bud and vaping oil mixed with various chemicals shouldn't be lumped together.
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  13. Caught my son smoking nutmeg so it’s hard telling.
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  14. Exactly.
    Whole herb vaping in a
    Volcano style device shouldn't be classed with the portable pens that use a prefilled cartridge with a mix of Concentrates and
    Propylene Glycol,
    Polyethylene Glycol
    Vegetable Glycerin .
    As well as flavorings originally intended for high temp baking and the perfume industry.

    I suspect a backstreet refill of carts is the reason behind the hospitalizations. Several of them admitted to using a street acquired pen cart before the incident.

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  15. I've only smoked from my vape a total of 4x..everything's brand new from the cartriage to the pen itself. I'm not sure how to tell if it's clean or not to be honest. if anything it's just left over siliva from puffing. I've never smoked in my life until now so no previous experience. I'm just worried I'll develope asthma, don't need another health problem in my life if I can avoid it
  16. Is it legal or black market?
    I won’t even vape cartridges from a dispensary.
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  17. Whole herb vaping is the only way to go. Other users already wrote about what is inside the oil pens, etc.

    I doubt you’ll get asthma from a oil pen though, maybe temporary, because inflammation of those breathing tubes is a sign you’re inhaling something that is bad for you. Just listen to your body.
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  18. I got it from an old friend from his friend. Never bought from a despensory
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    Personally I've heard about many things that people were trying to tell me in order to convince me to quit, they were saying that cigarettes are much better and it was better if I remained to smoke cigarettes than moving to vaping. I am vaping for a bit more than 6 years and I am enjoying it very much, I never had problems with long or anything else related to vaping. So I can't understand why people are complaining so much about this. Now I vape a Smoke RPM 80 Pro intensively every day and nothing is happening, I think everything is in our brain, if we enjoy it, then it will not harm us.

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