Bad Rep Now?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meowtoyou, May 10, 2011.

  1. This is probably a pointless thread and I know. But if you read my "fake drunk" threads and think I'm an asshole, please don't take me for one 'cause of that ;) go back and read the OP please. I've been thinking and I'll apologize to the girl tomorrow. I don't want a bad rep on gc :(
  2. We hate you.

  3. I see you everywhere... You scare me... O_O
  4. Stop following me than :smoke:
  5. I wish I could -rep and that it would matter

    because I had mad respect for you until this thread
  6. mannn now i gotta give u some rep
  7. You can mention the thread name but cant link it, eh.

    Fucking laziness.

    You think I'm gona go search for that thread?

    Procrastinators unite, tomorrow, maybe.
  8. i dont understand what the fucks going on..

    this is the second thread ive seen(obviously this would be the one before the last,and after the first) and still not original thread link so..therfore,im clueless as what the hells going on..
  9. Are you a kitty? "meow to you"

    I hope you're a kitty. I'll love you forever.

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