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  1. I have smoked three times. First time out of a bong, great results. Next 2 times from a cigarillo joint, awful experiences. After a small amount of smoking, I lost control of my conscience and my body. I still had my normal thoughts but I also had stronger thoughts that I could not control. I would laugh really hard and my real conscience would be trying to stop it but the stronger conscience would keep laughing at everything. Everyone around me was trying to make me stop laughing and I thought it was funny. One time I also had thought about hurting people that were trying to help me in that moment. My real conscience was terrified and embarrassed at what I was doing. I could not make myself stop. An hour later I calmed down somehow and I remembered everything I did and the struggles I had of trying to make myself stop. My thirdexperience was very similar and I only took 3 hits. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with me and is there and solutions? I am never smoking again unless I can find answers. I want to smoke but I can’t trust myself.

    Please help. Thanks
  2. You are getting way too high for your tolerance
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  3. Even though I only took 3 hits? I have smoked 3 different times in my life. I am a 21 year old, 170 pound man if that makes any difference. My friends said that 3 hits is not a lot.
  4. What is a lot to you might not be to them

    Weed doesn't affect everyone universally

    Could also be the tobacco but most of that sounds psychological so... Likely just too high for the fact you have zero tolerance.
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  5. Yeah i once smoked weed with tobacco and i felt sick id rather smoke pure weed

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