Bad Nitrogen Deficiency??!

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  1. Ive been attempting to address this issue for over a month it is has only gotten worse clearly...If anyone has any advice I'd be super greatfull. Im adding Age Old Grow for my nitrogen supply(among other things) then adjusting for Ph to btw 6-7. I have now increased their feedings to OVER what is recommended on the bottle and they are still dying (Im adding 36ml a gallon , and the recommended dose is only 30ml(2tbs) max). I am completely at a loss and it pains me to see my grow like thiss.....:( please help. Ned

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  2. Sorry to say it but most seem to far gone to save. Are you sure it's not teaspoon instead of tablespoon?
    Never heard of them nutes but 30ml sounds like an insane amount per gallon.

    What kind of medium is it? Also more details of your environment would be good.
    Seems like a myriad of issues , mainly over feeding with bad ph.
    Re-pot your best ones into a specific soil for growing mj and leave em be. It may be your saving grace.

    If you ain't willing to start over just flush with plain ph'd water or flush with a very mild ph'd nute solution

    Not the most experienced here but looks like nobody else is interested .

    Sorry for your troubles dude, really hope they bounce back!
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  3. Listen to the guy above that much could take down a elephant it's more likely a ph issue causing nute lockout so all your doing is burning the roots beyond return with salt

    Big brother is watching
  4. Hey really appreciate the replies yall!

    I have double checked and it is Indeed tablespoon, which I agree is a lot, and is what makes it all the more surprising to me that they seem deficient in nitrogen despite all this being fed to them.

    Im using Happy frog soil, temp is btw 75-65 day to night, they are in a tent with two vent systems, one for the lights heat and the other for air to breath.

    I realize Ph affects nutrient uptake but I thought I was accounting for this. Ive been adding nutes to the water, then adjusting Ph to btw 6-7 and have also been checking my run-off which is generally within that range as well.

    Ill try repotting/flushing them and see if anyone bounces back.

    Thanks again and I'll update upon further change! Fingers crossed!
  5. Is this the same schedule that your using? 1 tablespoon is the max for 2 weeks .
    I still reckon that it was just too much nutes.

    Don't get happy frog soil where I am but I guess it's already full of goodies for your girls and adding that much sent them over the top.

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