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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by amber420, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. i had three plants that were in veg for about 25 days. around the 23 day, it started to yellow the bottom leaves. i watered it with 1/2 strenth fert and two days later it had brown spots on two of the plants branches. the bottom leaves were still yellow. i am not too upset, because it was the first time i ever tried growing. should i have maybe gave it some epsom salt instead of ferting? any opinions?


    marsha, jan and cindy

  2. what height were the plants?
    what kind of soil are they in?
    are they dead now?

    what kind of fert did you add?
    have you checked the ph of your water?

    Peace out........Sid
  3. - they were MAYBE 6", which i know is short for 25 days in veg.

    - i had them in promix (added lil perlite). had them in a gallon bucket.

    - pulled the plug.

    - i used a half strength dose on them. i hadn't feed them before that, except with some superthrive once.

    - i have just used tap water. i put it in gallon jug a day or two before i use it.
  4. forgot to say it was the age old fert that i bought. (12-6-6) used it at half strength..
  5. thats way to strong.

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