Bad news for Britain...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by misledyouth1988, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. this happened because of bribes and brainwashing, theres no way any smart critical thinking person would ever beleve cannabis diserves to carry the penalties that it does. this sickens me.
  2. Ohh man, that soo SUCKS.. just as I thought government are finally starting to see the truth but THIS? WTF? Schizophrenia and Super HARD "SKUNK" variety.
  3. Heres the a link to the review of cannabis classification which was carried out by the Advisory Council for the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), at the request of the Prime Minister. An interesting read: -

    PM Gordon Brown went against expert advice and reclassified it anyway. Even though its not expected to help at all in their war effort.
  4. More dangerous than ketamine lol
  5. Bullshit , why do we have to listen to those assholes ... fuck their classifications ! Why do we let them tell us what we can and can't do ? This shit is so frustrating . :mad:

    P.S. You know the same bitch who said " pot is a dangerous drug that causes skitzofrenia and other mental illnesses " , I bet she goes to the bar and gets drunk . But hey , alcohol's not a drug , and atleast it doesn't make people act all crazy like pot does ... :rolleyes:
  6. thats bulshit, all these fuckups keep telling us pot is bad... i dont believe it but fuck how can I argue with so many people... theyre fucking with my mind i tell ya.
  7. because theyre trying to brainwash u, u must fight it man, never give up!
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    Your lot in the U.S should be thankful that cannabis is getting recognized on its good sides, they come up with the most daftest shit you've ever heard about it here, the Misuse of Drugs act suggested to the prime minister to keep it 'class c' but insisted it goes upto 'class b'.. I'd also cream my pants if i was getting 3.5 grams for an eighth like the morgority of you on here are, where am from in the U.K you'd be lucky to get 2.8 a eighth.

    what 'class' is it in the U.S anyways?.

    peace from britain :(
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    Well , In the u.s. , we have 'schedule' instead of class . And cannabis is a schedule 1 drug (the worst possible schedule). Here's a list of the schedule 1 requirements ...

    (A) The drug or other substance has high potential for abuse.
    (B) The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
    (C) There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

    So in the U.S. , cannabis is as illegal as heroin .

    Here's a funny fact though ... Cocaine , morphine , methamphetamine , opium , and others are under schedule 2 in the U.S. ! That means that our government is saying that those drugs have a smaller potential for abuse , and have more medical value than cannabis ! :confused:

    So in the U.S. , cannabis is more illegal than cocaine , meth , and most opiates ...
  10. The main reason its been reclassified could be because of the amount of money that's been made by the East Asian gangs that come over and set up factories. They make a fortune and the government can't stand that. As much as I'd like to believe they were doing it for our own well-being...what with all the powerful skunk blowing our minds etc I very much doubt it that that's why. -

    "Police seized half a million cannabis plants with a street value of more than £60 million last year in what senior officers say is the biggest crackdown yet on the home-grown cannabis trade. "

    And of course they have to hit home with the whole evil skunk idea -

    "Stronger skunk varieties of the drug grown in high-tech hydroponic nurseries now make up 80% of sales. "

    It's all getting a bit repetitive.
  11. The government tries to make cannabis seem more dangerous by saying that it has gotten stronger. In reality, even if THC levels rose to 100%, which I believe is physically impossible, there would be no danger. I actually read an AMAZING quote from Jack Herer's book recently which illustrates how safe cannabis is. I don't have it with me but this is the quote almost word for word:

    "American infacts, children, youth, adults, women in childbirth, and senior citizens all took cannabis medicines in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the amount they took in one day corresponds to how much an average moderate-to-heavy American smoker consumers in a month or two."

    That is right, infants took as much cannabis as a moderate-to-heavy American smoker takes in ONE OR TWO MONTHS. If an infant can handle that, I'm sure we can.

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