bad milk=dead plants?

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  1. Well, right after I did it I felt really dumb but doesn't really change it. I needed something inconspicious to take about 3 gallons of water up to my plants and the only thing I could find was old milk jugs, I noticed a terrible smell coming from them and noticed there was some milk still left over in them. I washed them out a couple of times but still there was a little white spot left in one of the containers but for some reason I was in such a hurry I used it anyway, the smell was basically gone anyway. My plants are about a week away from harvest time and this would really ruin my day if they died from my stupid mistake, anyone able to comment on this?
  2. nah they wont die
  3. Definitely keep an eye on the soil in the container. If it starts to mold, scoop out as much moldy soil as you can and replace it with new soil. I think you'll be fine, I've done this with other plants (not MJ) and they survived. Just keep an eye on it and post if anything happens.

  4. You are right Sir, i dont even need to add on to that. But i am sure it will survive none the less.


  5. thanks for the advice man, that's a big relief.
    +rep for you
  6. You are going to kill them in a week anyhow, I wouldn't worry.
  7. true true lol

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