bad luck this year with outdoor MJ

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by keitanakano, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I have started up about 100 small plants, very hard work, and a lot of effort to transport them into the countryside.

    This year seems to be abnormal high rabbit population.


    Most of my plants were eaten off, with the base stalks remaining. Stupid rabbits, kill off young plants for just a few small leaves.

    Rabbits clearly are not intelligent.

    Next year maybe I put up a fence but that is horrible effort and I do not know how to transport the poles and how to mount them.
  2. i'm having serious headaches in Texas with heat stress.. over a month of 100+.... i'm trying to save what i still have, having to cool them down every couple hours or the leaves straight up burn.
  3. some of my crop dried in the sun the other day.. came back home after a 2 day trip to crispy leaves.. had to say good reddens to those.

  4. i feel you man this heat is fucking crazy, im starting an autoflower grow with some afghan kush ryder outdoors but idk how lucky im gonna be since it hasnt rained in fucking forever and my babies might die in this heat. Any news on when it might rain?

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