Bad luck, crashed my brother's car

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  1. Fuckin a. I'm gonna post this, cause i can't go to sleep right now and i need to vent. This happened a couple of hours ago, I was sober.

    Talk about some shitty luck. On my way back from picking up a dutch, I get a call on my cellphone. I look down at my phone(it's on the passenger seat, never took my hands off the wheel) to see who it is, when I look back up to the road, i'm kinda veering off the road, so I start braking and turning my wheel. I was on gravel and rocks(front tires), which caused me to start losing control of the car. I ended up driving straight in to/on top of a ditch. Both airbags were deployed. I was pretty stunned and startled when the shit happened + getting hit by the airbag. I never been so shook in my life. A couple of cars stopped by to see if i was alright.

    I ended up calling 911(stupid move) because I was so shook lol and thought my car was smoking, but it was just the airbags. I was too scared to call my mom or brother, caused they were gonna rip me a new one. I thought I ended up totaling the car, but I managed to get the car out of the ditch and it's drivable. Damage to the front bumper is about it, airbags need to be fixed too. Fucking pigs, calling the cops was a mistake. I had to pay a $75 to have my car towed back my house(literally 30 second drive), and I ended up getting a cellphone ticket too even though I told the cop i wasn't on my cellphone. He told me he was giving me a break, cause he could of gave me more tickets if he really wanted too, but regardless 1 is bad enough imo.

    So now, all the money I worked for in order to try to get my own car is going straight to my brother to help him get a new car or just fix it. Fucking bummer, this is gonna set me back so far. But i guess i have to pay for my mistakes, and just be glad I'm still ok.
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    But really, that blows man. Try to get parts from a junkyard and fix it yourself if you can. Or maybe search the web for some forums and buy used parts.
  3. Tell your brother, "It was already like that when I got in it." Problem solved.

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