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    Message to moderators: This thread has been created to allow people to voice their appreciation for an honorable member of your community "Bad Kitty Smiles". BKS has created an incredible video documenting the processes of making medicinal edibles, as she is well known for discussing within your fantastic forums. The Cannabis World Summit is prominently linking to this forum thread and encouraging visitors from the Summit to join your fine forum to be able to post their appreciation for BKS, as well as to be able to post comments & questions too. The information about Bad Kitty Smiles's involvement with the Summit may be found here: 2013 Speakers for Cannabis World Summit and you are encouraged to click through to her extended bio page to discover more. Bottom line, moderators, the purpose of this forum thread is to direct people to your site, and you may expect an influx of new members to your great community as a result. Thank you for everything that you have done to create such a great online cannabis resource.

    Message to Everyone!

    "Bad Kitty Smiles" is a highly respected member of the GrassCity online community, sharing incredibly beneficial information freely with everyone about making medicinal edibles. A great thread that you may frequently find her answering questions on is here: That forum is fantastic, and it really is worth your time reading through the entire thread.

    Bad Kitty Smiles has been approached at the start of the year, contacted via this forum, and she was invited to participate in the first annual Cannabis World Summit event. Not only did she accept the opportunity to be interviewed, she actually did something truly exceptional. She VOLUNTEERED to create a video presentation teaching a lot of the stuff she's been discussing here at these forums, and she is sharing her video at the Cannabis World Summit event for all of you to learn from and enjoy.

    The purpose of THIS forum thread, which will be prominently linked to from the Summit, is to give you all a way to express your gratitude to BKS for the incredible video that she has made for all of YOU. She has gone way above & beyond anyone's expectations, and what she has created is for sure going to be an instant classic online resource. You will re-watch this multiple times learning from it, and it will be a great video to refer your friends to in order for them to learn what she teaches.

    Please express your gratitude to Bad Kitty Smiles here. Share how much you've loved learning from her in the forums, and what you thought of her awesome video (being released on April 20th, 2013). Thank you.
  2. She done taught me how to make cannaoil... yerp.
  3. Bad Kitty answered all my dumb questions when no one else would!
  4. I have spent so much time in the CannaPharm, Thanks BKS, you kick ass!
  5. I always enjoy her posts.
  6. What can I say.. When I found her blog here on G.C., after sifting through the copious amounts of hillbilly/homeboy recipes elsewhere on the web, I thought WOW! So this is how it's really done..

    Thanks much BKS, you are a gem truly.
  7. As much as I have learned from reading all her posts, I so look forward to her video. I find it much easier to understand details from a video much more than reading a post.

    Keep up the great work BKS - you're the best
  8. Great job on creating this thread. She has been such a source of valuable information pertaining to our needs! Thanks BKS
  9. Like many people I was frustrated by the inconsistency of my edibles, most of which were firecrackers -- which, as she explained, is not a very efficient way of extracting cannabinoids.

    She steered me in the right direction and now I get consistent results. :D
  10. BKS is probably the second most helpful blade I've met here the first being granny stormcrow
  11. i herd shes hawt
  12. Gotta love BKS, she is a wonderful caring soul and a marvelous creator of edibles. :smoke:
  13. Infinite thanks and gratitude to BKS. What a truly incredible person! Love times a million bazillion, Badkitty! <3333333
  14. Thank You BKS! For all you have done for US.. I know sometimes a simple "Thank You" does not seem like much to offer, And I'm sure you've heard it Many Many times! But
    Thank You So Very Much for taking the time to teach US about this Wonderful Herb and it's Many uses.. Also Thank You for answering the Pm's, And helping to provide US with the information WE so desperately NEED to help OUR Loved ones!!
    We are Truly Blessed to Know you!!! Much <3 to you BadKittySmiles!

    Pilgrim & Family
  15. this bladie and her recipes have made my life a better place....
    and done the same for everyone i have introduced it to...
  16. I just watched the BKS videos from the summit and really have to say I'm dissapointed that the videos are not about cooking... just decarb and cloning. (plus I wanted to see more of you!)

    I'm sorry to bitch about something that is put out there for free but I have been so anxious to see these. I do hope you can hurry with the release of your book and dvd. I'll be first in line to buy those

    You're the best
  17. I just watched the BKS videos from the summit and really have to say I'm dissapointed that the videos are not about cooking... just decarb and cloning. (plus I wanted to see more of you!)

    I'm sorry to bitch about something that is put out there for free but I have been so anxious to see these. I do hope you can hurry with the release of your book and dvd. I'll be first in line to buy those

    You're the best
  18. I just wanted to stop in and thank everyone for all the kind words and support! :eek: :hello:

    It's been a busy week or two putting all this together, on a shoestring budget and with a 7 year old laptop no less.... the cam I was able to use is HD and it's pretty new, so it took sometimes over 10 - 15 hours just for the churning, formatting and exporting stages for each segment (you know, just between pushing the button then waiting)... usually, only to see a problem that needed touching up, and we'd start again!

    Something many of you probably don't know, I often work from bed when I'm working online and replying to messages, or even giving the dialogue to little video tutorials, mostly where my cyclic digestive condition and nausea, and my waking and sleep cycles, all leave me exhausted and a little shaky much of the time, especially when my own supplies are low. To be honest I don't leave my house much these days, mainly due to health issues (that, and my car apparently has a problem with me that we haven't managed to resolve). :eek:

    Doing just a photo tutorial (well, doing one up to standard and exactly the way I like :p ) can make a 30 - 40 minute process or recipe take three to four hours, I have some grinding and settling issues in the sacral region of my hips and where my legs meet the hipbones, and after standing that long all at once I actually can't sit down without someone forcing me into a sitting position and then really manipulating my back to settle it back out once I'm down...
    I can't take any kind of pharmaceutical due to my heart and again the nausea issues, haven't even tried since having my wisdom teeth out years ago, so needless to say, filming and doing re-takes for this type of thing really took a lot out of me!

    Due to editing, and upload time restrictions this last week or so, there were MANY things I filmed that I'd have loved to share as soon as my day of the Summit, but had to cut out and save for later, because they weren't quite as necessary, *and then there were a few others that were just release with a bit of a delay (*see below :) ).

    I definitely didn't realize how long the editing process would take, I figured I'd be done a week or so ago and that editing in new footage taken last minute would be a breeze, but each segment in reality took a few days to put together.... not to mention uploading was like a lottery, with around 4 hours of uploading time for each piece, and the net going down every few hours with all the wind we've just had. :p

    So long story short, I'm really REALLY pleased that you guys have been SO supportive and that you've pushed me to keep going and keep doing what I love most these last few years, it's been a challenging time, and the support I get here at GC and my online family, and from a few of my closest friends at home, has just been invaluable when it comes to keeping me going every day. It's what made it possible.:smoke:

    I just want to thank everyone here for being so awesome these last few years! :hello: :D

    No worries, I completely understand :) It sounds like two more have been posted since you visited the site, the decarbing and cloning were just the earliest released!

    If you check back and read his first intro for me on Day 5 - 4/20, the Summit producer mentions that the remainder of my vids were to be released later that day (they were) and why. :)

    There's actually also a combined final conclusion & topical pain/cancer treatment tutorial segment coming out, just later today :yay:

    My editor friend is standing by, as we speak in fact, he has literally been camped out for the last six-plus days in front of my computer, and due to hard drive space, now in front of a computer (a few years old, but much faster than mine!) that he just brought over the finish the job! :hello:

    I am SO looking forward to a nap, and I'm eager to have a retake of my own 4/20 celebration once this is finished up... we had a really good time, but I was so tired and preoccupied that I barely remember any of it, so I'm calling a mulligan on the day :p
  19. Bad Kitty,

    I sit here in utter awe of you, pondering how to possibly convey in words how supremely impressed I am by you, and my immense gratitude for sharing your immense wisdom through the Summit. You have greatly exceeded my wildest expectations with the videos that you have created. They look so high quality, in production and content. I am just blown away from your incredible videos.

    The level of details you conveyed is absolutely perfect to ensure that everyone knows how to do it themselves. I was expecting just the process of creating canna oils, but you added so much more! The additional bonus materials were immensely valuable themselves. Explaining in such great detail how to make that invincible topical cream in and of itself is a tremendous contribution that you've made to the world of cannabis. I can personally attest to the medicinal value to such topicals, but seeing how you make such high quality blends is simply inspiring! I also love how you tantalize people giving them ideas of how to make exquisite edibles beyond the lowly brownie or cookie. Seriously Kitty, are you some Cordon Bleu chef? Your food looks so mouth-wateringly delicious that they'd be a delight to indulge in even sans the magical ingredient.

    And to add even more of your vast knowledge you teach the little known secret of “Monster Cropping”, taking clones from a flowering plant. That short video alone is precious to watch by growers to learn how to save cuttings from a particularly desirable plant up till harvest time, by passing the need to maintain mothers, and even separate veg-grow rooms. With this video you've shown people to their eyes that yes indeed cloning from a flowering plant does work, and I'm sure that many watching this will be changing how they grow from now on.

    This past week after the Summit I've been sharing your videos with people I personally know. A few of them have already made the oil according to your methods. From now on, rather than explaining at length in person how to make an oil I shall now be directing people to your videos, and would recommend that everyone reading this also use your videos to introduce newbies to medicinal edible oils and topics.

    I now consider your preparation method to be superior, though the lighter taste from cooking in a pot of water may be advantageous for some, the increase in potency is simply outstanding. In the past I always regarded medicinal oils to be somewhat “wasteful”, believing that edibles were one of the least efficient methods, but now have seen the light. Thank you Kitty for enlightening us to the fact that a PROPERLY prepared edible can be MORE EFFICIENT than smoking! I liked that you briefly touched upon it in your video, but am linking to one of your older posts that explains it further:

    Kitty, your contribution to the Cannabis Community is simply outstanding. There really isn't any appropriate words to adequately convey the tremendous gratitude in my heart for all that you have done. May your videos be a classic that countless people will learn from and enjoy, and may they also recognize the magnitude of this gift you have provided. I wish you success with the launch of your book & DVD, which judging from the videos you provided here I am absolutely confident that your upcoming works will be simply magnificent; can't wait to buy a copy!
  20. i send everyone to miss kittys thread....after giving them a taste of her recipe from my kitchen.....

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