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Bad Kat Recipes can't locate

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by GettingThere, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone
    New here and also to the world of edibles since my husband had his back surgeries. I know there's lots of great work being done to finesse recipes for edibles. I've found BadKat's website, and she looks like she's done the science and has a high level of trust from the community. Soooo- here's my question: Is there a place where one can EASILY find her recipes? I love her website in most ways, however I find it kinda difficult/ time- consuming to get recipes, like for the cannabis concentrate. Looking for ways to easily store cannabis concoctions for my hubby.
    I appreciate tips on this, and thank you BadKat for all the great work you do- I would buy your cookbook in a nanosecond!!
  2. Hi "IF"- Thanks, and yes I tried it. Got me to another GrassCity thread, and about 1/3 down is a link to Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate. Click that and it goes to another forum thread and tons of posts. I see a short list of oil ingredients from another poster, but no actual BadKat recipe for the cannabis concentrate, unless it means more oil recipes. I'll keep searching of course, and I appreciate this!

    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more[/QUOTE]
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  3. I had pretty extensive back surgery 4 years ago and was having to take heavy pain meds. I had 6 titanium rods with pedicle screws to hold me together after a fall in Yosemite. That's when I became interested in cannabis edibles. I started with butter and coconut oil as is the usual path but soon homed in on Green/Gold Dragon extractions and all the things that could be done with it. I'm now pretty much pain med free and have been for quite a whole although I'm not completely pain free but it can now be controlled with just toking and occasional edible and tincture "treatments"

    I personally know of several people who have controlled their heavy spinal and other nerve pains effectively with the GD tincture. It's highly recommended. This isn't a topic BKS covers in much detail but I have a thread here that's devoted to it and a lot of other stuff, including coconut oil applications. If you're interested in easily made and stored cannabis product with phenomenal bioavailablity, I suggest that you give my thread a holler. I have an active table of contents and I actively and personally respond to all questions. Don't let the nearly 500 page length intimidate you, though. Just join the discussion and we'll all be happy to help. :)

    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  4. Hi Getty There
    I can personally attest to the fact that Sams Methods do work,
    He has Help Me and countless others here in the City, stop by his thread and check it out.
    Sam is the Man when it comes to edies and Pain.
    I too was hook on pain pills and now I do not take them unless I mess up and hurt my back to bad.
    But that happens very rarely now that I have found Sam and his Dragons.

    Here is a link to his thread he has a few But this is The one that helped me the Most
    Thanks again Sam

    Link Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  5. I appreciate all this info- thanks everyone.
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  6. Hey thanks a bunch- looks very do- able and I appreciate your sharing this. Love the Table of Contents.
  7. The thing covers my entire evolution and isn't always pretty but we've had a lot of success. It's a little amateurish but gets the job done. As I said, you don't need to read the whole thing, just ask and you'll get a fairly quick answer most times. We've got a lot of testing to prove decarb issues and potency and all kinds of things with more all the time. It's a work in progress. I'm not normally this long winded about my thread but I think it can help your husband considerably, along with the BKS stuff you were planning to try. :)
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  8. :thankyou:
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