Bad idea to shock a plant into purple/blue color??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by boombata, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. is it impossible or a bad idea to flush the plant right before harvest with ice cold water?? i hear this can create blue/purple on the fan leaves or plant material in reaction to the cold shock. is this myth or true?? most importantly, will it reduce potency? yield is not so much a consideration in this situation. thanks.
  2. Doesn't sound like a good idea, you would most likely shock your roots. Plants that don't normally turn colors through flowering can turn color due to cold night temps. I wouldn't try to bring this out by intentionally shocking your plants though.
  3. ive only heard of purple shades from generally cooler temps...never from shocking it at the end seems like it wouldn't work to me...but only one way to find out
  4. What's the purpose? To have purple bud? Doesn't seem worth it to me.
  5. It very well could shock it so it would be counter-productive to do this at the end of flowering. Cool water not ice cold.

    If you want purple in your buds get a purple strain.
  6. Yeah, no shit. That's what genetics are for.

    Just harvest it like you would normally do, but it is good to flush with just straight tap or something cleaner, reverse osmosis water for the last few weeks. Hell, it's getting close to harvest anyhow, why not give them their final nutruients and after that call it good. Water, water, water as it needs, then don't water a few days before you pull them to cut down on drying time.
  7. Ok, the consensus was negative haha. big surprise. sorry for the dumb question all, but ty for the replies anyhow.

    the purpose was to simply impress me every time i open my jar, i love purple/blue bud. helll, i saved a sac of black BC bud years ago just b/c it was black and cooooool looking. horrible smoke, but nice souvenir nonetheless.

    i wish I had colorful genetics on tap, but, alas; i do not.
  8. Hey no problem. It's our job to give you advice, no question is a dumb question. I wouldn't mind purple buds myself :)
  9. if you wanna shock your plants purple. Drop your night time temps to 70. You should be dropping your daytime temps any ways in the last weeks simulating summer to fall. Do not shock your root system
  10. So icing down a bubblebucket would be a bad idea ;) ?

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