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  1. I've smoked like 15+ times before and for some reason i get bad highs. everything is fine except for the fact that i space out. and not in the way where i stare at something and completely lose focus, but in the way where (especially if i'm walking and am outdoors), it feels like i'm snapping in and out of reality. like one second i'll be looking straight forward and then a wave of cold over comes me and it feels like i've woken up suddenly and everything that happened before was a dream. it happens a lot and i really hate it. maybe i'm smoking too much, but i usually stick to only two bong rips when i smoke out of a bong. i really want to get to the bottom of this and know what i'm doing wrong because i really just want to enjoy my highs and i love smoking but this is just the worst part for me. i get this feeling inside of my chest thats cold whenever i snap back into reality. and it just really makes me paranoid in the sense where i get scared and uncomfortable and even though i'm telling my brain to relax, it isn't working and it makes me regret even smoking. an example of a really bad time is i was smoking with my friends at a park and i had two water bottle bong rips of kief. i felt a bit buzzed at first and was laughing at stuff, and it was perfect. then it hit me so hard and i couldn't even walk down these stairs by the park. i was terrified. i kept spacing in and out of reality and it was like nothing i'd ever experienced before. it was my first time fried. i remember walking with one of my friends and we were both freaking out and the most significant thing for me (regarding my high being bad) was the snapping in and out of reality, and feeling like all of a sudden i was awoken from a dream. this kept repeating itself. i really want enjoyable highs but i don't know what i'm doing wrong! i know this was a lot to read but please someone help! NOTE: the spacing in and out thing most often happens when i'm outside and when i'm walking. i try to avoid being out but a lot of my friends don't just want to stay inside
  2. Mate before you smoke have a chat with a good friend and get into a good head space. Talk to your self , " it's okay I'm just high as fuck" and like " I'm tripping balls but it's alright" and things to that effect to calm down. Be a mate to your self. You could also not smoke with the friends that like to chill out side be sober and when you get home smoke by your self until you get your shit sorted.

    Bad high happen just got to work through them.

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  3. just supplement with cbd, takes the edge off of every strain
  4. I think you just described the first part of what everybody experiences when they smoke. Just relax and enjoy the mental ping pong. Have fun with it and let your mind go with the flow. Know the buzz will eventually smooth out into full relax mode.
  5. Smoking kief gets you hella stoned. I suggest meditation to calm yourself prior to smoking. Then make sure you smoke way less. Smoke one small bong hit. Let that settle in. Then maybe one more a while later if you are enjoying your time.

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  6. PARANOIA is a ..... :)

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