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  1. I found this site when I was searching up for answers on the internet while in a bad high a few days ago. I had 1/4 of a thick brownie edible on Monday and I had a bad high. Ive had bad highs like 2-3 times before, they always happen when i ingest edibles. The bad high usually consists of my body/vision feeling shaky, and shakes to the rhythm of my heartbeat, im super slow, and hurts to shake. Am I taking too much? Or does my body just not like weed? I dont like to smoke as often so my parents dont find out so I always did edibles instead, but I never really got super high by smoking. I want to start smoking more but Im afraid ill have bad highs like I do on the edibles, any advice or comments on what I should do or why this happens?
  2. You probably had a very potent brownie and ate to much of it. Edibles have a rep for producing the occasionally overwhelming high. With edibles you don't know exactly how much THC you are ingesting unless you made it or it is from a dispensary. Next time take smaller bites to see the effects and once you find out their strength you can adjust the dose.
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  3. How old are you?
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