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Bad High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by restochesto, May 22, 2013.

  1. Not really an apprentice but this is a good place for this. Last night I was reeeally stoned, felt amazing. But then I went to sleep, my mom woke me up... I don't remember this, but from what she tells me, I was sweating like crazy (soaked, completely) and I was speaking gibberish for a good minute.

    Now, I also hadn't slept in 36 hours and was stoned off my ass. So was this a bad high or a good one? I'm confused.
  2. Tell me, did you enjoy the high or were you not having funny? If it is the former, you had a good high, if its the latter, you had a bad high.
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    here is what i know and how i worked around it
    if you smoke alot during the day  but also a big bowl before night 
     when you  sleep your still high and when that hight fade your body react to it
    those cold sweats are not nesserly bad you can have them just because summer started and you have a  warmer blanket that required
    mostly due to bad diet : eat slow sugar (fruit) and drink water alot
    if your always on  fast sugar  your body is simply experiencing major  sugar drops/rise
    here is exemple
    1-smoke weed : sugar level drop because of bad diet to back you up + munchies
    2- you eat cookies right away :  sugar level back to normal if not more
    3-your high fade : sugar level skyrocket = coldsweat + shaking bad high
    for your question : i would not  put it as BAD
    Your mom says your were mumbling : maybe just a nightmare weed made you forget ? i dunno thats  a guess
  4. I dunno, man, she thought I was on hard drugs.

    Had a pretty fun night though, thought I was dreaming the whole thing. :D
  5. When you have been up for that long, when you finally go to sleep, you're fucking out. And that combined with the fact that weed is a relaxant means you were just sleepy as hell

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