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    Okay so this story is gonna be somewhat long so fair warning, this weed was pure cannabis not laced. It was a weird experience.

    Our story starts at my friends house, me and like 2 other people ( me, host, host friend), we load a bowl and host gives me greens, right as im about to hit it he goes wait wait wait stop, and pulls out a syringe filled with a gold liquid and im like whats that, and its pure hash oil, so he drips a bunch of it on the weed and im like, dude, bless you

    so i take the hit and i get a huge hit off of it, so we smoke 1 bowl and then he opens his desk drawer and shows me a jar filled with liquid hash oil, we smoke about 3 syringes full, BIG syringes, so basically i have a normal decent high, we sit there for a while, just enjoying it and i buy some weed, thank my dude for smoking me out, i smoke him out with the weed i bought from him to be nice, so we smoke it and i walk home ( i dont drive under the influence) and i get home,

    invite my girlfriend over, she knows im high and shes chill with it so we just relax and then the oil hits me, it feels like my spine is melting with pleasure, it was 10:30 AM when we smoked first time and 12 when i got home, eventually i get up and realize my eyes are red as hell, like a deep red, and i start laughing,

    then at 3 i realize im still blazed as shit so i try to sobor up with a shower, i tell my lady what happened and she helps me relax, its 6 pm now and im in the bathroom full on freaking out, my sight is distorted, im full on hallucinating, hearing voices and seeing people, i feel sad and depressed, i try to sleep but i hear my girlfriend screamin and i ask her whats wrong and then i realize shes at the store, so i go back to sleep and ignore everything else,

    I have trouble sleeping and wake up every few hours distorted and yelling, i wake up in the morning still stoned, but this time its not as strong, so i chill, an thank my girlfriend for helping me, and thats what happens if you smoke too much weed.
  2. Brings back memories, I smoked way more than I could handle once and I felt do weak I couldn't move so I just sat at the bus stop looking like a dumb ass freaking out over hearing the same verse from a drake song over and over till this day I don't know if it was a radio or I was freaking out lol
  3. Sounds intense
  4. Dam that sounds like an adventure you had there..

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  5. What is a pax?
  6. Damn OP, that's intense. Would you say it was worth it?
  7. It was pure euphoria, but i had 24 hours of paranoia and depression after the high
  8. Never heard of that. could be a warning sign of your mental health?

    it just weed seems to bring your problems to the surface.
  9. No, i just got really, really , high
  10. Sounded like an adventure!
  11. Ya reminds me of when i first did spice (never gonna do it again) but i was like that for 12 hours it was like i was having a panic attack so not fun at all
  12. [quote name='"MrWiggles95"']Ya reminds me of when i first did spice (never gonna do it again) but i was like that for 12 hours it was like i was having a panic attack so not fun at all[/quote]
    Lol trying to help ya but don't talk about other drugs on here just only pure Mary Jane !
  13. Don't say that man, never say that. My philosophy is that most mental health issues are self-inflicted, as opposed to genetics. So by you implanting (think inception) the thought of him being psychotic, you're actually increasing the chances of him being psychotic.

    Don't worry about it OP, I don't even agree with this guy anyway, I've had a trip similar and it forced me to think of a friend that would come and help me whenever I was in the midst of a bad trip. I called him goodsie the fish and he's made of pure white and comes in and gets rid of nasty hallucinations :)
  14. I would never hurt anyone except in self defense or putting someone out of their pain ( like shoot them in the head if we were 1000's of miles away from any help and his limbs were ripped off), i get depressed like normal but ehh its cool i aint psychotic though
  15. Psychotic doesn't mean you're going to go on a rampage and kill a bunch of people. It just means you're suffering from psychosis. Meaning your consciousness isn't connected to what we perceive to be 'reality'.

    It's been labelled on those people who go on shooting sprees to the point where people just assume that's the definition.
  16. Well, i know whats reality and whats not..i just had strong hallucinations from weed, when im sober i never hear voices or see people btw i think thatd be schitzofrenia and not psychosis
  17. Dude I wish i could get that high! My highs last about 30 mins :(

  18. Nope schizophrenia is to do with multiple personalities isn't it? I didn't even think it was possible to hallucinate from just a bit of weed
  19. Well you know how when your high you see weird stuff when you close your eyes? But you know its not real, my highs are like this but i got those closed eyed hallcinations when theyre open too, ill see the walls breathing or stuff but ill know its not real, and no thats multiple personality disorder, schzifrenio or however its spelled it when you see people or things that arent there, so you can have a conversation with someone who isnt even real
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    What? Youre doing something wrong, my highs last about 5-6 hours with a good buzz, do you have a lot of fat? The more fat the more weed it takes to get high, maybe its just my weed, but idk 1 good hit im high for 1 hour with hella giggles

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