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Bad high/Trips

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BearParp, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. I recently had a bad trip and can anyone tell me what they do to make it stop? and or what to do when you have one?

  2. I've been smoking over a decade and I've never had a bad 'high' / 'trip'.
    not unless you start mixing alcohol or other substances, but that is
    another case altogether.
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    You mean like a panic attack? All you can really do is lie down, breathe deeply, and relax. It's tough, but you have to talk yourself out of it. It's all mental.

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  4. P
    i've been smoking heavily for a few years now and it took 2 years for me to have my first panic attack whilst smoking.
    You want to avoid negative train of thought because as captain_jack said it is all mental, just having peace of mind would be the best way to avoid them i reckon.
  5. Maybe try eating your way out of a bad experience. Eating tends to decrease the buzz for me
  6. As has been said, it's a mental thing. It's all just an illusion. Sometimes just truly knowing that can ease the panic.Fighting it doesn't seem to be working so you can try going with it. Let the illusion/fear play itself out in your head. By the time your done, the cops have beat you into the ground while your heart explodes in your chest. Then you open your eyes and realize it was all a dream. Sometimes I get a good laugh out of the weird shit my mind throws at me. Or don't get too high any more.
  7. That's honestly never happend to me

    Best buds for life.
  8. You don't trip on weed,,,, you get high...
    That's about all you can do...
    The more you eat the faster you come down... Not sure if this applies to weed as it does to certain unmentionables, but I hear milk is good for a come down.
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    Eating should calm you down. The brain will think it's in a calm and natural situation and not one where it feels like it's in danger. Your brain doesn't think you'd be eating if you were in danger

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