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Bad High in Jamaica

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sweetdee23, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. My husband and I are in Jamaica on vacation. A lifegaurd offered to sell us a bit of weed, so we did. We smoked a little last night (lots of people smoking on the resort) and today we smoked a joint. We both started feeling high anxiety and my husband has been puking for about 30 minutes. He hasnt eaten much today and had a beer about 20 minutes before. My husband smokes regularly , i dont. Should i be worried about him? Hes still in the bathroom sick, doesnt want me near him. Im worried that i will beed to call the medic or does this happen? Any info asap would be greatly guys thank you so much
  2. I don't know but food poisoning symptom onset can be as quick as 2 hours or up to 36 hours, plus depending on the type. Could it be related to food?
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  3. I dont think so, he only ate a few bites of pancakes around 730 am and we smoke at around 1230. I could tell his high was bad too. Very paranoid and panic attacks
  4. Why aren't you also sick if you both smoked the same weed at the same time?

    Like I said, I have no clue but check out this chart on food borne illnesses -

    Food poisoning - Symptoms and causes
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  5. I felt nauseous for aboutt 15 min but mine passed quick. And he smoked about 3x what I did
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  6. Hopefully somebody else will chime in. Good luck to you both.
  7. Thanks for trying man. Hes asleep in the bathroom now, poor guy.
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  8. Maybe too high. Too much too potent for what hes used too and he puked and fell asleep, i dont know. It’s happened before

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  9. Ive have had bad experiences with certain strains nausea general sick feeling paranoia severe anxeity put cold wash rag on fore head and laying down in dark quiet room usually passes pretty quick for me.
  10. Never been that high don't blame ya for bein paranoid foreign land, weed from a stranger, puking, now sleeping on a bathroom floor.
  11. Thank you all so much for the responses. Hes okay I think poor thing is sleeping in the bathroom. Im just leaving him a lone, im going t to try to get him to drink some water, he didnt want any earlier. About 5 other couples at the resort bought off the same lifeguard so I hope its just we smoked too much
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