Bad herion...

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  1. Two people i know, Dead off the bad herion hittin the streets.

    I talked about Johnny Boy the other day, Found out what really happened.

    He got his hands on some of the bad herion hittin the streets, Died from it.

    Checked the front page of the Detroit News jus a few minutes ago.

    Seen a familiar face, A ***** i used to kick it with a couple years back.

    Died from the bad herion.

    Its laced with fetanyl.

    Been a major case of this in the detroit area.

    41 deaths from this in the past 8 days.

    Its fucking redicoulous.

    And i know whos behind this recent shit.

    The mother fuckign 734 Mafia, Same fools who killed my boy less then 2 weeks ago... :mad:
  2. thats pretty crazy

    isnt fentynl or however you spell it a prescription, how is it made illegally?

  3. like this

    some peeps up here got heroin that was actually bleach, i dunno how the fuck your dumb enough to do that one, but they shot it n died, 3 people... musta been told it was "china white" n they were dumb enough to fall for it
  4. is it just me, i think i've noticed this few times, but the forum settings seem to star out (****) the n word.

    most often i've seen this is when people are trying to say something like, "yo that's my *****" or whatever. i haven't seen it used it a hateful or demeaning way.

    so i think that starring out any words regardless of what words they are goes against freedom of speech.

    i think it's safe to say that freedom is the most important element of life.
  5. Get your boys to stop shootin' up.
  6. Were they railin it up or shooting it? That's nuts!!!!Sorry to hear it dude
  7. Simple solution: dont use heroin
  8. KSR, man, im sorry for your loss man. Thats fuckin GAY that people are lacing heroin with that shit. fuckin bullshit, let the drug doers just do there drugs and be happy. no fucking reason to kill them. once again man, sorry for your loss, id be after some people if they were intentionally killin helpless people. F THAT!
  9. lol i read this in the article he posted
  10. What exactly is their benefit of killing customers? There's always hustler's trying to make a quick buck... I've been there. But an actual criminal organization... what a bunch of idiots.
  11. Thats what im saying.

    There jus doing it so they become known. They get they're name out there and can say we did this, We killed this amount of people. Cuz they proud of it, They jus want to be infamous. And innocent people are dying for them to get what they want.
  12. We got the same shit going on in Chicago but alot more have died and its been going on for a minute.
  13. What the fuck? Go out and shoot them or something. Thats some bullshit, it isn't getting to weed is it?

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