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Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. Well, I found out that I have gall stones. Sucks. For the passed week I've been having an annoying little pain on the right side of abdomen, right underneath my last rib. I thought I might have pulled something at the gym...but, not the case.
    I went to doc's, because I getting a little concerned. Turns out that gallstones have been filling up my gall bladder.

    Some info:

    They wanted to do surgeory. But, I opted for the cleans method instead. Did a lot of my own, I don't want to spend $1700 for the med bills. Doing this tonight, so hopefully I'll feel fine by morning.

    The good news is that a buddy of mine stopped over and gave me a few grams for the night. Never had the strain, but it is really red and green, with deep red hairs. I know a lot of strains, just never seen this one. I haven't smoked in 3 days...just to see if the pain would go away.

    Probably just chill with the Vape and maybe roll a blunt. No work tomorrow, so that's good. :hello:

    How's everyone else doing?
  2. hey heinous, i had gall stones. Summer before my junior year i had them taken out, went with surgery, got aLOT of vicoden and percocets

    good luck with getting rid of em man, i know how much they suck
  3. What were some of the symptoms you had?

    That annyoing pain...not really excrutiating. But, something that you can't really ignore. Goes on and off all day long, and the weak urge to constantly puke.

    I would have gone to the doc's sooner, but I have been workin' constantly this passed week. I leave on AIM on all the time, so each time I look at my computer I always have hundreds of IM's. Hell, I haven't even been able to sit in this chair in days.

    Can't wait to blaze on though. I'm going to need after I take that cleanse forumla. Going to make me even more nauseas. This weed seems damn potent. Can smell from across the room. Just a few grams as well...
  4. see i thought it was acid reflux or something, felt like my stomach was burning. I would get it if i drank or ate any dairy and i had milk in my coffee every morning. it took a LONG time for me to figure out what was going on, from like april until mid summer for something to get done

    i would get the pains in school and the nurse said it was just too much acid or something blah blah blah

    then over the summer i got a BIG attack, face when pale, parents took me to the emergency room and i got a bunch of demoral and morphine, only thing that would make my pain go away

    well finally i went and got ultra sound to prove i had the stones and i did, but the doctors kept saying i was over exaggerating my pain(BULLSHIT) well when it got taken out aparently it was in BAD condition and i proved their asses wrong

    it sucks to not have a gall bladder anymore though :(
  5. Well, I would love to go get the surgeory. But, I'm on my own and kinda broke. Tough when you're just starting out. Family isn't much of help either...

    Yea! I have the same damn thing. For months now I've been horrible cases of heartburn. No matter what I ate, my stomach would just fire up. Then, sometimes it would be alright.

    45 mins to go, til I can do this...kinda nervous seeing as how all this nasty shit is going to be purging from between my legs.
  6. don't be too nervous man, just know you be better tomorrow! :)

    the doctor i talked to said i HAD to do surgery from the amount of stones i had or something like that, its good you don't have to lose yours, it messes up going to the bathroom man, when you gotta shit, you GOTTA go haha it sucks.

    hope it all works out well for you bro, best wishes :bongin:
  7. Thanks man.

    I'm more excited about this weed. Looks like some sticky icky. Has a mango. Need to get a couple of movies ready and be able to relax.

    Harold and Kumar, Half Baked, and....HHmm....need to find another one.
  8. Blow...or Rolling Kansas orrrrrr cheech and chong never did me wrong(how lame haha i rhymed)
  9. Office Space. :)

    Bah, damn pain and nausea are back.
  10. if you have any opiates, i recommend taking them

    ADD: Good choice heinous, waiting is the shit
  11. I've got some percs. But, I'll be blazing soon enough. :)

    Changed my mind...going with "Waiting..." now, instead of the other.
  12. I'm intrigued to see how much ist sucks to have this shit done
  13. I'm just lookin' for some relief. Been feeling like I have lost a lot of energy too. I just hope it works.

    Hell, I already had all the ingredients in my fridge. So, its free. YAY!
  14. Alright, well I'm starting to sip this crap now. Not the besting tasting stuff...lets just hope it works.
  15. Well, something is definitely going on. TONS of cramps, nausea, and burping. Most revolting shit I've ever had to drink.

    But, I thinks it working. Its feels like shit is being worked through my stomach and intestines now. Should be on interesting morning.

    I'll have my camera ready. :)

    Oh yea, and this weed is the shit! I haven't been this stoned in so long. Awesome taste, like a mango...almost.
  16. mmmm weed sounds great

    what you are feeling, sounds awful, kinda like when you eat some bad are u just gonna shit alot? or how are the stones going away? just disintegrate in your gall bladder?
  17. lol, yea. Like I'm passing huge air bubbles or something. Like I'm having a period.

    And how it works is that:

    Olive oil in high doses on an empty stomach will cause your gall bladder and liver to contract very hard...this will push out all the stones into the ducts to your intestines. The lemon juice softens everything up, or even sometimes turns them to goo so you can easily pass them.

    Then since you're stomach is time you take shit, it should be nothing but stones, green goo, and gas. Gonna be sick as shit. Gots me camera awating...:devious:
  18. LOL omg dude, im sorry but that made me laugh. that is gonna smell HORRIBLE......BLEH

    thats hilarious you are gonna take pictures, hopefully all those stones come out

    (i feel weird as hell posting on the same subject in two places hahaha o well)

    i hope you dont plan on posting pics :p
  19. Be sure to PM for 'em. :)
  20. :laughing: oh its on the top of my to do list Heinous

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