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Bad first time

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FRBL011298, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hey, this is my first post here, but i'm looking for some advice after smoking for the first time.
    It didn't exactly go to plan. I was using a pipe, and took one small hit at first, I didn't feel anything after a few mins, so I took another larger hit, and then it hit me like a train. I suddenly had tunnel vision and could only see like frames rather than smoothly, my heart began beating so fast that it just felt like a constant vibration in my chest, and I was sure I was about to die, which I know is impossible. I decided to go on a walk to calm down, and the whole thing was just a massive blur but I remember feeling sick, and I also thought I only existed in someone elses dream and I wasn't real and was being controlled by aliens or something, it was pretty crazy to be honest, but not what i'd call pleasant. After that as it wore off, I just had really bad paranoia and felt off for the next few days.
    Could I have taken too much for the first time? I don't know anything about the weed itself, no idea the strain etc. I just got what I was given. I'd like to enjoy smoking, but after that i'm nervous to try again which I know isn't the right mindset to have.
    I'd appreciate any advice or tips on what to do from here. Thanks!
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  2. Welcome to Grass city, mate. So sorry your experience was bad. You definitely smoked too much of what sounds like the wrong strain for you.It's good you approached smoking cautiously. Personally, I would try to get another strain. I hope you're in a legal state where you can talk to the store staff and find a strain that suits. If I needed to keep smoking what I had, I'd stop at the one small toke. Best of luck, mate. Oh, smelling freshly ground black pepper or chewing a couple of peppercorns may alleviate some of your distress if it happens again.
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  3. Thanks so much man! Unfortunately i'm in the UK so don't really have the luxury of choice. I'll definately try much less next time, probably when i'm feeling more clearheaded about it, and use the peppercorns if it gets crazy again, thanks for the tips, I appreciate it!
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  4. Yeah, I'm in Virginia, USA. It's an illegal state, too. I smoke what I can get.
  5. Well it's the first time his body has ever processed this powerful chemical called THC. Certain strains would have helped but it just sounds like you were given a very good and powerful strain that seasoned stoners like us would die for.

    First timers can react harshly to strong herb. My guess is that you had some kind of hybrid that was well grown and cured.
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  6. Thanks for the reply! What would be a good way to ensure this doesn't happen again? It's not legal where I am, so for now i'm stuck with this stuff, how much would you recommend smoking when I try again?
  7. It depends on a lot of things. The strain, how it was grown, how you are feeling, your genetic make up, age, etc.
  8. Congrats!!! Baby steps next time ya pick up a pipe maybe? If ur in a legal state go get ya a high CBD strain. Or just take one hit at a time with 10-20 min in between hits. CA9BD787-46A1-4BB1-8637-E0B161475F42.jpeg
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