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Bad First High, Please Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by newbee2013, May 20, 2013.

  1. i got high last night and everything was good at first, i liked the feeling and i kept getting mentally and physically lost. i smoked more and the feeling got more intense and i started feeling very nauseous and dizzy and tired. i hadn't eaten all day, could that have cause it? i did smoke quite a bit, it was "loud" i think. i want to smoke again and i DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME AGAIN!!!! any suggestions/ reasons this might have happened to me and how to prevent it from happening next time? this was my first time. any suggestions help.

  2. Take it slow next time. Don't jump onto that second round so fast (or at all).
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  3. you just got super high bro. smoke less to avoid tripping out and smoke more often to get used to the effects. If you browse the forums, there's more threads about dealing with panic attacks (which i think you had one). Also smoking on an empty stomach will make it stronger so eat first. Hope i helped man  :smoke:
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    The food thing is part of it! Being stoned and hungry is never a great combo. And as the blades above me mentioned, you need to take it easy!!! Just because weed has no lethal limit does not mean that you can constantly smoke and have no adverse effects. If that was your first time smoking then I assume you had absoluely no tolerance whatsoever so you easily overdid it there...
    Next time slow down and let the high catch up before trying to get even more baked. Get used to what weed does to you before experimenting and whatnot.
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  5. here is a couple tips, eat all your meals throughout the day, low blood sugar is a no-no
    secondly always be drinking water, pee is yellow? drink more water
    when you body is properly taken care of you pretty much cant have issues.
    lastly, mind set. the mind has a huge effect on your high, if your nervous and worried, bad trip. you gotta be confident and chill.
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  6. I have done this before and what it means is you smoked way too much way too fast. I have been smoking for 2 years and I did this for my first time on 4/20 luckily late in the evening. Just take it slow and give it time to hit you so as to better gauge your tolerance. 
  7. Ok this needs to be put out there. What you don't like, other people love. What doesn't work for you, is the ONLY way it works for other people. You may just be one of those people that doesn't like, or is intimidated by getting high.
    My advice would be take it slower next time, if that fails try another strain, set, or setting until you find what works for YOU.
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  8. someone should pass you some water, and oh yeah have a conversation with yourself in your mind... 
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    The best way to avoid this is to feel out your tolerance. With certain bud you might be able to smoke higher quantities of it at once without becoming "too" stoned to the point of being uncomfortable in your own skin, but with the more potent stuff it's always important to feel it out. Smoke a little, take a slight break and see how you're feeling in like 10 minutes. If you feel like you can handle more repeat the process.
    There's a term a few of my friends and I picked up from a few other people on the east coast called "spooky" which is used to categorize weed that seems to take a little bit to fully kick in, and when you think it's not as strong it has that boomerang effect where it's fleeting and then creeps back on you. You do not want to smoke too much and end up with that sinister uncomfortable high with anything potent; It takes forever to come down. I'd say don't build up an irrational fear towards this, this is simply cause and effect. Sometimes when you dance with Mary Jane, you get your toes stepped on.
  10. ahah i always enjoyed it. but i kno ppl who didnt like it at first.
  11. Make sure you eat and stay properly hydrated before you smoke, and don't overdue things. When you smoke, it lowers your blood sugar. If you haven't ate, and then smoke, your blood sugars can dip too low which will cause you to get dizzy, lightheaded, and it can even cause you to pass out if your blood sugar gets too low (I've had this happen to me more than once). Other than that, just smoke, then see how you feel. If you aren't high enough, smoke a little more. If you are high enough, don't smoke. And don't try to keep up with your stoner buddies, if they are still smoking and you feel like you've had enough, then don't smoke.
  12. Smoke less

    Learn to tame the high
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    Remember that weed in higher doses has been shown to cause anxiety vs. relieve anxiety in lower doses.  So dosage is very important especially if it's your first time.  And don't prepare yourself mentally to experience what you did, it's all in your head and if you keep telling yourself nothing is wrong, you'll feel better.  Don't start that positive feedback loop where you start to feel out of it and you FOCUS on the problem, that loop is dangerous and is the reason many people get panic attacks.
  14. Have a ladder hit, (big hit) then skip a round and see where you go. No one should ever tell you " you aren't high enough". If they are don't blaze with em. It's about enjoyment not quantity. Also take a parachute puff on the tail end of your high to take the edge off or you'll crash really hard. Especially if you're new! As always light it up and enjoy the drag
  15. I took 2 bubbler hits to get stoned my first time. Looks like you smoked too much. You need to just say your good. Especially your first time. If you feel already stoned ,smoking more can cause paranoia and uneasy feelings. And a tip you have too clear your mind of everything to avoid freaking out. You feeling lost is suppose to happen because you were too stoned.
  16. First high? God damn thanks for reminding me of my first high. So trippy, so cartoony, so paranoid, so fucking awesome
  17. Mine was long ago.
    But I remember that nervousism waiting to see what it is.
    Then it muthafucking hits you. Your vision goes back into your head, everything is hilarious and you want to pig out on the world.

    Good shit mang
  18. Enjoy those lightweight highs while you can man. When your tolerance gets built up you'll reminisce on those days of getting blitzed out of your dome. I don't recall ever having a bad experience with those times though. Like everyone else said just don't smoke as much next time. Speaking for myself and anyone else here who is honest when you start smoking a decent joint between a few people is enough to get higher than should be possible. Happy smoking brother, hope your next time enjoying the herb is more relaxing and fun.
  19. Take one hit and wait a bit. If it's good, you're good.

    Go with need for a couch lock or crushing buzz if you don't want it.

  20. Doing anything on an empty stomach is a dumb idea, because your stomach brain will override your common sense. It's only logical, durr. Try satisfying your basic hunger before enticing your brain with psychoactive properties of enjoyment. Then eat more after you realize the munchies are activated.

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