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Bad firecracker experience, friend tripped out..

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PaperBoy6, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Hi guys. I started smoking maybe 6 months ago, smoked everyday for the past couple at least, but I don't consider myself a heavy smoker because it's usually just one session a day at the end of the night, I'm not usually high the whole day or whatever.

    Anyways, my friend is just getting into it... she has smoked it when she hung out with me almost every time but obviously her tolerance is low so she just takes a few hits and she's good. With my tolerance I need a medium sized bowl to be pretty high, nothing crazy. I still get quite high when I split a small (0.3 grams of weed?) joint of dank with a buddy.

    To get to the point, we made firecrackers. I'm a pretty conservative guy in this respect, I like to start with just a bit when I'm trying something new as to not go overboard, so we decided to use only 1.5 of weed, 0.5 on each cracker, and we would eat each one and a half. I used mostly acid's writeup, so I heated up the weed and honestly once that was done and it dropped in weight we only put .45 on two crackers, and it must have been like only 0.3 or so in the other...

    We each ate one and a half (we both ate a .45 and split the one with less weed) - I got the slightest buzz ever, after like 90 minutes I was just slightly slightly high. It was a cool body high but I get way higher when I smoke a joint, like it was almost nothing. I'm not disappointed or anything, I know you need to eat more weed that it would require you to get high from smoking for the same effect, it was my first time, next time I"ll do more.

    To FINALLY get to the actual point (sorry for the long post, I wanted to provide background info), my friend completely tripped. She was high as hell within 15 minutes of eating it, and she said it just got crazier and crazier. Within an hour and a half, she was completely tripping out, she was too scared to go up the stairs, she was shaking... I got her in bed and she said she was seeing crazy colors, but that it was the worst experience in her life bcuz she was so overwhelmed by it. She ended up puking everywhere shortly after, then she went to sleep, missed work because she was still fucked almost the whole day the next day (it went away in the early evening of the next day, and she got a headache)..

    So, anyways, what went wrong? Did I give too much weed to a newbie? It was just mids, and honestly she ate like 0.6, 0.7 max, I knew she would be higher than me but this was just insane.
  2. It was way too much for her. Edibles are an entirely different experience for most people, the same thing happened to my best friend and she was not a new smoker. She smoked just as much as I did, and she had a bad reaction to the firecrackers we made while I was just fine.
  3. So did your friend try a lower amount and she was fine? Because my friend is scared of it now lol, should I just tell her to make one with like 0.2 or something, and see how she feels? Because she is saying she doesnt want to do it again, but honestly, I know weed is not a dangerous drug so I think it's extreme to do that after one experience.

    However, 0.7 was still a pretty small amount when you think about it, so could her body just not handle edibles at all or something? Is that possible?
  4. My friend was scared too, she had done firecrackers at other times and was fine, but it was just too much for her that time. I think that she [my friend and you're friend] just couldn't handle the edible.

    There have been times where it's happened to me too, the edible was just super strong and I couldn't do anything other than lay there and pass out.
  5. Its just called a newbie freakout she just wasnt used to that much weed probably. Tell her to take it easier if she smokes again and dont feed her edilbes obviously lol.
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    As whiskey said, edibles are a completely new experience, one of my friends and I had 1g on our first try, (we still do same amount, get the same high every time), but when I and another friend tried it, he tripped with 1g completely!

    I'm guessing tolerance must be entirely up to the user, I wish I could tell you more about what effects tolerance with edibles but it has never been researched much :( I suggest you lower the dose (obviously) or maybe you could split the weed amongst more crackers, and eat more every hour till you feel high enough and are still comfortable.

    I feel bad for your friend, it being you used my recipe and all, but I'm sure you've learned from the experience, I wish you luck with future tries, if any :)

    EDIT: I'd also make sure if you try again, that your friend is in familiar surroundings, and can lay back and pass out without problems, it really is a bitch trying to drag yourself to your house/room when you are too damn high.

    Also just had another idea, try edibles after a meal, edibles on an empty stomache always seem to get me more stoned.


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