Bad Expierence With Pepper Spray

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  1. Alright so this is a rather old story but last night it came up in conversation and I felt the need to share it with my fellow blades.

    I felt so bad, but still have to laugh. Maybe this will hit the girls harder than the guys. But c'mon here we go.

    So my friend is a security guard that drives around basically doing nothing but watching DVD's and making sure people get from stores to their cars after closing without getting attacked. She doesn't carry a gun, and isn't allowed to - however, she does have pepper spray. One day the other guy who works the previous shift left his pepper spray in the car and the label was off. I wanted her to spray me in the face, she wouldn't.

    She was curious as to whose was stronger and didn't know being that his label was torn off. So she sprayed his on my pointer finger and hers on my middle finger. I tasted them and hers was stronger. Wipe my hands with a paper towel, go home later on take my contacts out. This didn't burn because I was just touching my contact. Throw the glasses on, and than unexpectedly a girl comes over to visit and say hi.

    Well, I was single than and any girl to come into my door way was considered game time. We talked for awhile, started kissing and feeling.. Than I went in her pants, started playing with her clit yada yada long story short after fingers went in she bugged. I'm like "This girl is in pain from fingers wtf she can't take the d" not even realizing the pepper spray is on my fingers. Well she got all shitty and ended up leaving shortly afterwards. I was upset. Figured I wouldn't stand for this. Went up stairs to put my contacts back in and get my swag meter up.. well the second the contact hit my eye just instant burning. I fucking bugged out and couldn't get it out of my eye. I was going nuts, I called the girl and told her I knew what was going on and apologized. She accepted my apology likewise "Fuck you you fucking asshole never call me again"

    She's a pussy, either way, I just thought I'd spread this story to fellow blades, I mean - it sucks so bad, but you gotta laugh.
  2. How hot was she (1-10)?
  3. I'm unsure if you mean looks or pepper spray wise, hah

    Looks, 10 being the highest I'd say 7-7.5
  4. Pretty funny story, but seriously man, you're jumping up and down whining like a little bitch when you put your contacts back in, and you are calling her a pussy?? Uh, yeah...:rolleyes:
  5. haha funny story...

    pepper spray is a bitch....
  6. just remember this song

    no wiener touching with your jalapeño hands
    no wiener touching with your jalapeño hands
    (also applies to pepper spray and other spicies)
  7. I guess your right, I reacted like a pussy too, but regardless.. double whammy.
  8. That's a hilarious story.
  9. You were both irresponsible. The OC spray was meant to be a defensive tool and not to be played with.
  10. jersesy girls all TENs ah, funny as story lol

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