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Bad experience with weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Weekend Toker, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. ok a couple of nights ago me and 4 of my friends bought some weed for the night

    we smoked one bowl and after like 5 mins one of my friends started freaking out

    he was like "omg omg im guna cry omg omg im guna cry" and telling us not to do it anymore because it was messing him up this lasted about 45 mins then he went to sleep

    the rest of us felt like we normally feel when we smoke

    so my question was that what do u think happened to my friend cuz ive never seen anything like it before:confused:
  2. Was it his first time?
  3. no hes actually done it longer than me
  4. Just tell him to chill out.

    Weed can overwhelm people if your not careful.

    Like if you dont smoke often, dont smoke ridiculous amounts.

    He probably just smoked a little more than he could handle.
  5. yeah, hes frontin. just smack him. lol. tellm to chill.
    seriously though, have him eat a lil and drink before he tokes, and keep him hydrated. but tellm to chill too.

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