Bad experience and wondering if anyone had an experience with derealization disorder

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  1. Well basically i got really high with no tolerance (2g ) and i had a really bad panic attack . The day it happened was December28,2013 and for some reason i feel like im in a really dreamy state. When i think about it i really feel dreamy but when i dont everything is real and fine. It used to be really bad and made me sad but now im happy and i think its getting better. Any advice on what to do to get rid of this because i hate it so much and dont wanna feel like this anymore. It has got a little better but is there any tips on how to improve it drastically.
  2. I felt like that for months after I stopped smoking and doing other drugs.
    It'll go away soon.
  3. But it does go away? And what worked for you to make it pass faster
  4. The only time I've experienced this was when I dropped an eighth of an unmentionable as a first time. I tripped so hard. My body moved but I couldn't control it or feel it.
  5. Nah nog that bad
  6. you'll feel normal soon. idk, it just slowly fades.
  7. Thx

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  8. I felt like that after I tripped on DXM for a week or so... It'll probably just take time
  9. I have pretty bad DP/DR. Nothing feels real, everything seems like a projection. It's like what I'm seeing happened in the past, and not happening right now.
    I've done my fair share of things that cause this. And I've been this way for around 5 years.
    Hopefully you can snap out of it before it takes a better grip. Eat well, sleep good hours, go outside often, maybe take a 1-week T-break and see if anything improves.
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  10. Im done smoking for over a month now but what causes this

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    Mental overload. This can be caused from drugs, emotional problems, stress, diet, and other factors.
    When this happens, your brain just goes numb, so it doesn't have to deal with it anymore. Now at this point, it's very hard to get it back into "normal" functionality.
    DP/DR is only recently starting to be recognized by doctors and researchers. In the past, it would be dismissed as depression/anxiety, which it isn't.
  12. One day after I smoked I could not stop thinking about how other people perceived me. It lasted all day and still is there a bit.
  13. it will go away in a month

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  14. Smoke again.

    And something just like what happened to you happened to a friend 2years ago. He stopped smoking completely after that.
  15. That's the most uncomfortable session I've ever had haha

    btw.. yeeeeah hail Satan!
  16. Ill probably smoke this weekend
  17. maybe just try reading books about philosophy n stuff and get your mind on some new perceptions. what I mean I guess is instead of jus sort of "waiting it out" try and actively change and see if that helps.

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