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Bad Drooping Leaves

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by okland_2007, May 9, 2008.

  1. Plants about a month and a half old, under fluorescent grow lights, feeding 5-1-1 fish emulsion. No significant change in temperature either. I read around on the forums that h202 works for over watering if thats the case. I added a cap full to the dirt and no signs of change. Started happening about a week ago. Its just the lower sets of leaves as you can see in the pictures. This plant was never watered to much, i always stuck my finger in the dirt every time before i watered.

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  2. If it's not over watering it's most likely under watering.

    Droopy Leaves - Leaves that are drooping are most likely caused by over watering/under watering or lack of light.

    Solution - First off, for soil, Place you finger into your soil a few inches and see if it's dry or wet. If over watering is your problem, increase the temperature and airflow to evaporate some of the excess water also you can add some h2o2 when watering to help the roots still receive O2. **Warning!- Chronic over watering can lead to soggy roots and stagnant, icky soil. if you slide the plant out of the pot to check the soil and it stinks or is soggy then transplant into fresh dry soil. For a hydroponic system, check to see if your medium is dry or wet before you water (or your pump comes on). If your medium is still pretty wet, then you are over watering and need to water less often. If your medium is very dry before watering, under watering is your problem, just water more frequently. And lastly, If lack of light is the problem, Add more light.
  3. i also thought it might have been under watering so i watered it for a couple days and still the same, it doesnt seem to be looking any healthier no matter what i do, unless dropping leaves doesnt necessairly mean theres a problem?
  4. Your plant is very stretched indicating not enough light, wrong spectrum or bulbs too far. Lack of light will sometimes cause droop. How far is your light from the tops? What type of CFL bulb is it [spectrum]? It Should be three inches away from the top. Consider getting another bulb aiming at the bottom of the plant because it probably does not have enough light down there.
  5. I dont remember what spectrum they were. I also already had an extra light on the plant for the lower leaves. The fluorescent grow lights(80w) are 4" from the top and the other grow bulb(80w) is 3". I think under watering is out of the question as i have been watering it and it just keeps getting worse. Two of the bottom leaves are drooped way down touching the soil. Not sure whats going on with it or what to do. Before it was planted i made sure rocks were in the bottom for drainage.
  6. The lights don't say the spectrum on them or the box?
  7. Bump! Getting worse:eek:
  8. The box got thrown away. But they are the 4' grow bulbs they sell at walmart.
  9. What type of soil r they in?
    What color does the bulb look when on; more blue or more orange/pink?
    Don't water again until you stick your finger over an inch deep and it is dry.
  10. i added 2 cfls that are 23watts a piece at 3500K. Its in generic top soil with perlite but i transplanted it today into miracle gro soil. It just keeps getting worse and worse
  11. OK Miricle grow what? What type of MG? MG soil generally is sub par and bad if it has added nutes in the form of time release.

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