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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by iceman31, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Well, placed an order with Dr.Chronic about a month and a half ago. Havent got anything in the mail from him, not even a letter with green tape. Tried emailing him about the problem, but all I got in return was a generic email saying how they get hundreds of emails about strain selection and they can't help everybody, etc. It went on to say they don't reccomend spending any more than you are willing to lose. I knew that I was taking a chance, but it would have been nice to get some kind of customer service. They could have at least took the time to type something up to let me know what might have happened to my order. I'm beginning to wonder if he even sent it out. I got an email saying he did, but wouldn't I get a letter from customs if they took it? Can someone reccomend another good seed bank?
  2. Sorry to hear about that man.. makes me a bit nervous to order from him now being that i am just strating out. I have read alot about though. I will post my experience when i order and how it goes.:p
  3. High Grade Seeds. Excellent customer service (personalized emails like what you did not get with Dr Chronic). Good selection, prices and a guarantee that your seeds will arrive. I think that if they don't, they'll re-ship once or something. Check out the site for more specific details. I did my first order with them and was very happy with it.
  4. I only shop at as well. I have recieved 3 orders from them, and all made it to my door safely and quickly. Like na5342 mentioned, the customer service over there is one of a kind, and the people over there keep their word regarding their guarantees. Their strains are incredible as well... amazing weed.

    I'm sorry (and really surprised, actually) to hear about your experience from the doc. I had always heard only good things about him, and had considered ordering a strain or two from him in the near future. I had a similar experience with BC Bud Depot - and I have friends who have had even worse experiences with other companies.

    Looks like I'll just stick with Highgrade exclusively.
  5. That weird all my questions for the Dr. have been answered next day and this was just last week. Weird. And they were all personal enough.

  6. Same here!
  7. iceman31

    Sorry about your loss but it could easily have gotten lost in the mail on its way over here...and not intercepted by customs.
  8. Thanks guys,
    I'm hoping that they just got lost in the mail. Maybe I'll give highgrade a try. Everything I've heard about DrChronic seems to be good, but I feel like if I place another order there, I'm just throwing away more money. The email they sent was just a long generic email that didn't tell me anything about my order at all.
  9. things dont get lost in the mail.
  10. I like how THIS place ships.
  11. I have read a lot of posts about money order confusion with Dr. Chronic. It is much more reassuring when you know the other person is aware of you.

  12. i've ordered from Dr. Chronic at least a dozen times and have always gotten it in about a week on the east coast US. it is probably a fluke problem because i've always had excellent service from them. good luck to you though.
  13. Well, my order FINALLY showed up. Unfrotunatly, the package had green tape on it, and a letter from customs. At least I know they tried I guess.
  14. What is the date that Dr. Chronic sent it?
  15. You can always try again but there has to be a way to get around the mess.

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