Bad dealers be like

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  1. @[member="GiveMeYourBud"] for the topic idea.Bad dealers be like, "I'll be there in 10 mins"... 2 hours later and still no herb. a facka a u dealerSent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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    "Sorry dude I lost my phone"
    "Sorry man imma gonna go inna army"
    2 months later 
    "Kush Kush"
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  3. "Yea I'll scoop you Ina. Few"Never shows upSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  5. "I don't have a scale, but I'm good at eyeing it. It might look low but the nuggs are dense as fuck" 
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  6. It's Hubba Bubba Headband OG King Purple Kush.... From my boys in Cali.
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    Him: "I'll be there in 15-20 min. to meet you." Me: "I'm here." (At the right time) Him: "I'll be there shortly."  Me: *Waits another 15 min.*
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  8. "this is a dense nug"
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  9. "dont worry i got you" what he really means "i dont got you"
    "yo i got that dank g for $10" *hands bag of .7 schwag*
    "cars in the shop sorry man cant deliver" *pull in their driveway see car in plain sight*
    Just afew off the top of my head.
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  10. "Hold on a sec, I'm only 5 minutes away"
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  11. I don't mess with dealers anymore but shit that always pissed me off was when it doesn't weigh out and they're all like "That's all he gave me" Like shit, I paid for more than that. One of the main reasons I started to grow because I got tired of people trying to rip me off. 
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  12. Oh hell yes haha I hate that shit!
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  13. Haha, I've started a trend. I'll submit my application to achieve popularity later. My favorite:
    "I don't have a bag, you got one?"
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  14. I am thinking of not buying from dealers anymore and just grow when I get my own place as well.
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  15. If your dealer is on time, it's the cops. Sent from my Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP using Tapatalk from the future. Whatchu know about the future, son?
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  16. BDBL: "i can't break a $20"
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  17. so you grow now?
  18. Nope, he's called a "Johnny Dependable"
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  19. lol that describes my dealer perfectly
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