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Bad Dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Herb man, May 26, 2010.

  1. I'm pretty pissed right now. Since I started smoking I have been getting my bud from the same guy. I just bought a quarter 3 weeks ago and since then I haven't bought any from him. I have been getting smoked out lately. But now I wanna return the favor and pick up some blue dream and when I text him I find out that he fucking deleted my number. I told him who it was and he never texted back. This sucks. I want to get high... :mad:
  2. :hello:have you tried calling him? one of his friends probly said you were sketch or mabeye he thinks you are a snitch...if your a snitch ill ,kill u
  3. I tried calling him and he didnt answer. I would never snitch on someone. Thats bitch shit.
  4. Snitches die in ditches.
  5. snitches end up in a bodybag..mabeye something happened to him..u know where he lives?
  6. Youre gonna be killed for snitching bro. :eek:
  7. you try askin around (ie your friends) where they get their bud from? since theyve been smokin you out and all...

    as for the dude who deleted your number, screw him. some dealers arent worth the time
  8. He doesn't want to do business with you. That's his decision to make and his alone. Something happened that made him not trust you. Move on.
  9. Snitches get stitches,bitches.
  10. Calm your pig balls people ... the guy isn't snitching >.>

    Bro all you need to do is text "Hey its ___________ (your name), if you have 1/4 oz Blue Dragon kush to sell, call me back at __________ (Your number). If not then it's alright, I'll see if one of my boys got some."

    This will force the guy to call you ASAP if it means losing a deal. =P Just don't piss him off.

    Btw ... I've tried SUPER SILVER HAZE ... fucking government grown!
  11. lol y are all of these people calling him a snitch
  12. he is having the government watch this threadd...
  13. Dude... What the fuck man? What the fuck!? Why in the hell would you ever snitch... That's some bitch shit forreal.

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