bad deal?

Discussion in 'General' started by le4ch, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Is 3.8grams for 40$ a bad deal for you guys, cause here it is an ok deal.
  2. How good is it? If it's brick weed or if there are tons of seeds, you got ripped. If it's pretty good, but not great, that's about right. If it's damn good stuff, you got a deal.
  3. well eighths around here are 3.5g for $50 with a little hookup depending on the dealer. this is cali so its mostly high quality stuff. i just realized "eighths" has 5 consonants in a row hehe
  4. shit where im at its either gonna be a $10 dime o schwag or a 55 or 60$ eighth of 'kind' piney tart/skunky bright green shit... never anything 'bearing a name' comes thru. either takes a bowl or 2 or a hit or 2 depending on which one it is... usually just some type mexicani sativa (North Tx)

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